The Reason Your Cookies Keep Going Stale

Is there anything as satisfying as biting into a chocolate chip cookie with a cup of hot milk next to you? Nothing else really compares. That said, cookies need to be a certain way for you to truly enjoy the flavors, right? After all, no one really wants to try eating a hard cookie that has lost its original texture. According to BBC Good Food, the perfect cookies should be chewy and crispy with a "soft center."

How do you achieve such results? Well, the quality of ingredients can make all the difference in the world. There's also butter, which can really help retain a cookie's original texture. Also, if you are looking to perfect the classic cookie, you should opt for granulated sugar over other options. But here's a quick question: What if you find, despite your best efforts, your cookies always end up going stale after a few days? There is a logical answer to that question — and a simple fix, too.

You're not storing your cookies properly

Well, the answer to avoiding stale cookies is really simple. It all comes down to how you are storing them. The only definite way to keep them in good condition is to use something like an airtight container, per The Spruce Eats. Or, you know, finish a fresh batch of yummy cookies right away, if that's an option. (Hey, worth a shot, right?)

Also, a good hack is to keep a bit of bread next to the cookies in your container of choice because bread helps regulate the humidity levels in there, allowing your cookies to retain their original texture for a longer period. This also helps you deal with stale cookies, by the way. A Redditor writes, "My grandmother's old trick. Say you let some chocolate chip cookies get stale. Put them in an airtight container with a piece of bread. Voila, in a couple of hours they're fresh again." Another commentator wrote, "Same thing works with an apple slice in with the 'stale' cookies. Does not do anything for freshness but makes them softer." There you go!