Mountain Dew's TikTok Is An Absolute Fever Dream

Social media provides a platform where people and companies alike can openly express themselves. Often, this means tapping into the cultural zeitgeist, showcasing a sense of humor, and even going rogue. Many world-renowned food brands use major social networks to share content that resonates with their audiences in comical, outlandish, and nonsensical ways. For instance, rather than focusing on its famous burgers and fries, the McDonald's Twitter account is filled with cheeky quips. And just like its roast beef sandwiches, Arby's Instagram is piled high with timely memes that capture fans' attention.

TikTok is a newer, video-centric app on which users, including the most celebrated brands around the globe, generate unembellished, spontaneous, and amusing recordings. Iconic soda brand Mountain Dew's TikTok account is truly one of a kind, at least as far as oddity goes. While the posts do feature bottles of the brightly colored soft drink, the subject matter goes way deeper — and veers way weirder.

Mountain Dew's TikTok page is bizarre but ingenious

What does a pug-faced monkey with human baby feet riding a scooter over a bunch of rubber chickens have to do with Mountain Dew?  Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But that's what you'll find on the citrus-essenced pop's TikTok.


Just passing by

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In addition to mini-films like this ludicrous one, the channel also features various animations, trending filters, and recipe tutorials for foods that, let's just say — don't traditionally call for Mountain Dew. Craving s'mores? How about sushi or ramen? Obviously, these engaging consumer-generated videos showcase the brand in a unique way. While the PepsiCo product doesn't necessarily need to worry about amping up its awareness factor, this content solidifies its iconically irreverent voice. These videos are incredibly popular on TikTok, with several of them racking up millions of views. There's also a series of videos featuring a giant bottle of Mountain Dew running through the streets of New York.

One of the reasons why Mountain Dew's TikTok strategy has been so successful is the team behind the feed is not afraid to take risks. They're willing to push the boundaries to create a memorable experience, which, at the end of the day, is the entire point of marketing. Plus, it's been shown time and time again that a bit of silliness can make an impact. If you ever find yourself scrolling through Mountain Dew's TikTok, you'll likely laugh or feel dazed — perhaps simultaneously. In that case, mission accomplished.