Floating Hotel Breakfast Is The Actual Definition Of Living Your Best Life

Imagine: you're staying in a bungalow at a tropical resort in a destination like Bali, the Maldives, or Fiji. You have a room decked out to the nines and a private pool. Can it get any better? The answer: yes, it most certainly can. Instagrammers across the globe have been posting about a new hotel trend of serving floating breakfasts for guests to enjoy in their own pools. Currently, over 105,000 pics are tagged with #floatingbreakfast on Instagram, and over on TikTok, "hotel floating breakfast" videos have over 121 million views. As the trend grows in popularity, it seems as though that number will only grow.

The idea is to maximize pool time while living in style and luxury. Most breakfast trays appear to be made from wicker and feature unique shapes, including many hearts. According to Condé Nast Traveler, the trays — which are often rather large — are filled with foam to keep from sinking. Food offerings might include fresh fruit – maybe strawberries or cantaloupe – pastries, waffles, sausage , and even champagne.  Chances are, if you can dream it, it can be done. TikToker @lindsaypaigestein shared a video featuring a floating breakfast tray loaded with all the goodies and users took to the comments to share their floating breakfast lust. "That's a lovely way to wake up," wrote TikToker @readyjetsetgo. Enjoying a floating hotel breakfast in a warm pool on a perfectly cloudless morning? Sounds like the very definition of living your best life to us.

Floating breakfasts take vacay to the next level

Per CNN, the popularity and prevalence of floating hotel breakfasts has grown post-Covid. Travelers are looking toward the privacy of room service, along with staying away from other guests and hotel breakfast buffets as much as possible. "Across the course of the past year, in-suite dining has become extremely popular, especially for those seeking solace in the safety and comfort of their suite. The floating breakfast is a popular choice," said Amanjiwo's — a resort in Bali — general manager Jann Hess. 


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While floating hotel breakfasts often come at a price – Condé Nast Traveler reports the floating breakfast at Hilton Maldives Amingiri costs $130 — they're worth a splurge at least once during your stay. Instagrammers seem to agree, as plenty are relishing in the innovative breakfast idea. User @sharenaaa recently posted their floating breakfast from Bali, and Instagrammers took to the comments. "Looks like paradise," wrote @hanstraveldiary followed by a heart-eyed emoji while @jasminkaya_ chimed in, "The best way to have breakfast!" 

Is hopping on a plane to Southeast Asia for a floating hotel breakfast not quite in your budget? Luckily for you, the concept has started to spread to the U.S. There's even a service based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Floating Brunch ATL, that will bring a floating brunch to you in your own home pool. Time to get out those sunnies, hop in the pool, and soak up some sun, all while enjoying your morning meal.