Domino's Delivery Now Allows You To Get Pizza Literally Anywhere

Advances in technology have completely altered the world of delivery. Rather than employ a handful of pizza delivery drivers, for instance, pizza chains have begun testing other delivery methods. Most notably, Domino's experimented with flying pizza delivery powered by drones.

Delivery method aside, many chains have expanded their reach. According to a press release, Domino's has nixed the need to provide drivers with a traditional address. Instead, it will allow customers to pin their location on a map. In other words, if you're hosting a birthday party at a park and don't have an exact address for delivery, no problem. Instead, you can mark your location on the map, and a Domino's delivery driver will use GPS coordinates to find your location.

For the most part, this new delivery option is not too different from the traditional way to order a pizza, as it uses the same menu and the ability to track your driver's progress. However, given that your driver will deliver to GPS coordinates rather than a fixed address, there are a few new things to note about this service.

Pinpoint Delivery from Domino's comes with caveats

Because your Domino's driver might be delivering to a busy beach or festival, the new Pinpoint ordering system requires additional information beyond your physical location. Similarly to how you must provide your car's make and model for curbside pickup, Pinpoint Delivery requires certain descriptive features to help a driver identify you as the pizza recipient. For example, you might write that you're wearing red shorts and a yellow bucket hat.

Another unique aspect of Domino's new delivery option is similar to that of Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services. When you use Domino's Pinpoint Delivery, your driver will wait at the given GPS coordinates for four minutes. If you have not met them by the end of the four-minute window, the driver is allowed to leave. Many delivery chains will try to contact you, but if they receive no response, they will likely cancel your order and let the driver keep the pizza. In other words, if you plan to use the Pinpoint delivery option, it's best to stay near or at your given location until you receive your order.