Dominos' Flying Pizza Delivery Is Ready To Take Flight

There once was a time when the best part of ordering a pizza was...well...the pizza. Boasting a delicious chewy crust and a sizable helping of your favorite toppings, all smothered in a layer of gooey melted mozzarella, it's no mystery why Americans spent roughly $19.8 billion on having pizza delivered to their door in 2021 alone (per Statista). While pizza lovers still eagerly anticipate taking the first bite into a piping hot pie, another aspect of "pizza night" is increasingly becoming the highlight — the delivery vehicle. 

CNN reveals that back in April of 2021, a completely autonomous Domino's pizza delivery car hit the streets of the Woodland Heights section of Houston. If customers opted for this futuristic robotic delivery service from Domino's, they could follow their pizza's trek to their door by text messages. When the vehicle arrived at their home, they only needed to enter a numeric code, and voila, the doors opened and revealed their order. Surely, this delivery method would definitely overshadow even the most scrumptious of pizzas. 

But an even more exciting pizza delivery system will be flying high in one nation soon. Who will be the first to receive their pizzas via this brand new airborne device? You'll likely be surprised. 

New Zealanders will be able to have flying pizza delivery

Imagine being able to watch your Domino's extra-large Hawaiian pizza drift its way through the sky towards your doorstep? Yes, what starts off as a mere speck on the horizon will grow larger as your dinner makes its way to your address. If you live in or are planning to visit New Zealand, you may be able to do exactly that. According to a press release, SkyDrop (previously named Flirtey) and Domino's have agreed to embark on a trial of a drone delivery service in New Zealand, starting in "the coming months." These drones will be able to make deliveries as large as "three Extra-Large Domino's pizzas, or two Large Domino's pizzas with one soda and one side dish (including dipping sauce)." That's quite impressive. 

While SkyDrop claims to be "redefining the trillion-dollar last-mile food delivery market with a safer, speedier, quieter, cheaper, and greener solution," most pizza customers are likely to be more impressed with how fun it is. After all, who wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a flying pizza?