The McDonald's Ice Cream Sandwich Hack You Need To Order

Unlike the hash brown McFlurry sandwich hack, seen infuriating Al Roker on TODAY Food, the latest McDonald's cookie hack appears to be a delicious treat that doesn't instantly melt the ice cream on impact. The hack, seen courtesy of a McDonald's employee on TikTok, calls for combining the ingredients of an Oreo Mcflurry between two chocolate chip cookies, for a chipwich that takes these golden arches to the golden standard. As one commenter wrote, "I gotta step my game up."

In the TikTok video, the employee showed off the unique ice cream sandwich creation after preparing it for a personal friend during a slow business hour. Since it's not on the menu, don't ask for this viral hack unless you want a perplexed expression from your local McDonald's cashier. If you lack access to a friend or loved one working in a McDonald's kitchen, ordering the ice cream sandwich may be impossible, but there are measures that can be taken to ascertain the secret menu item yourself.

How can you get your hands on the ice cream sandwich?

One Twitter user detailed their journey crafting an order-safe version of the secret menu item by simply placing an order for a McFlurry and a pair of cookies and constructing the sandwich themselves. At this juncture, the only thing preventing you from indulging in the sugary sweetness is the scarcity of the ingredients.


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First, you'll need to check if your local McDonald's location offers chocolate chip cookies. While they are listed as a menu item on the McDonald's official website, availability depends on your local store.  Furthermore, ice cream machines, which should be present in all McDonald's kitchens, are known to malfunction frequently, so much so that the employee in the TikTok video jests that the functioning ice cream machine is a cause for celebration at her job.

If your local McDonald's has each of the necessary components, you're in luck! If not, you could always try crafting a sandwich with store-bought ingredients, if only to upset your children with the phrase "We have McDonald's at home."