The McDonald's McFlurry Hash Browns Sandwich Trend Is Weirdly Gross

Without a doubt, McDonald's famous hash browns are the highlight of the chain's breakfast menu. They have just the right amount of grease, crunch, and fried potato, and for many of us, the hash browns are perfect as they are. However, the TikTok community has found a way to use McDonald's hash browns in a way that devastates their sanctity — as the 'bread' for a McDonald's McFlurry ice cream sandwich. This monstrosity comes to us from the mind of TikToker Kelly Arvan, who had a craving one night for something both sweet and salty.

In her initial TikTok, Arvan said she dreamt about the strange combination, "I guess that's what fast food giants do. They have these irresistible items that we crave to put together."

As is usually the case on TikTok, the trend took off. To date, the tag for "hashbrown McFlurry" has more than 12.4 million views on TikTok, with Arvan's post accounting for more than 700,000 views. But why are people so into this? Why are people willing to eat a mess of melted ice cream and soggy hash browns? Honestly, we have no idea, but we can venture a few guesses.

The McFlurry hashbrown sandwich has its fans

Not everyone was a fan of the viral hashbrowns hack, with some TikTok users believing it to be weird or gross. As one TikToker user complained, "Those hashbrowns looked so good and then u ruined them." Meanwhile, one brave TikTok user said they would try it but were afraid the combination would make them sick. 

However, the hack also has supporters as well. Think about it — we know salty and sweet go well together, and plenty of people enjoy dipping fries into a Wendy's Frosty, as several users pointed out. What's more, fries and hash browns aren't really all that different, as both as fried potato products. In that respect, pairing hash browns with a McDonald's McFlurry shouldn't be any less appealing than dipping fries in said McFlurry.


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There's actually a scientific reason why salty and sweet food go together. According to a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, salt helps sweet things stand out. However, a hashbrowns and McFlurry sandwich looks like a messy combination, so get plenty of napkins if you have to try the trend.