Costco's Strawberries And Cream Bar Cake Is One Fruit Away From A Fourth Of July Treat

To party throwers and home cooks who like a brightly colored, festive centerpiece on Fourth of July feast, a star-spangled dessert will always catch the eye. Seeing the fireworks at the end of the night is the perfect chance to grab a slice of cake, especially when that cake is a new seasonal treat you can find at Costco's bakery. Strawberries are a summertime staple, so, naturally, the bulk retailer has released a large strawberries-and-cream bar cake that will feed the whole gang on the Fourth. The only thing missing from its red and white color scheme is the addition of a blue fruit to complete the theme.

Tucked within the new, 3-pound Costco bar cake are layers of classic vanilla sponge cake and a sweet strawberry filling, all sealed together with whipped cream frosting. It's a light and airy treat that even features red and white stripes in the form of white chocolate squares adorning the top of the cake. If you want, you can simply add blueberries to ensure all colors of the American flag are present. Blue-ish fruits like blackberries or even huckleberries could work just as well to achieve this artsy effect, if you aren't too picky.

One thing Costco's decadent-looking strawberry cake is missing is actual strawberries, which has put a damper on the taste-testing experience for some fans.

Mixed reviews stem from the cake's flavor and price point

You'd think there would be at least a few sliced strawberries hiding somewhere in Costco's summery bar cake, but alas, each layer has only strawberry filling. To some, this fact is no biggie at all, and you might still be tempted to rush to Costco's bakery to get your hands on one. "I bought one yesterday. It's delicious," one commenter stated in a post on the store's subreddit. Another Redditor in the thread was disappointed, mentioning they didn't enjoy it because of the overwhelming ratio of cream compared to sponge cake. But even though the cake lacks visible strawberries, they're in there nonetheless. Within the dessert's ingredients, pureed strawberries are at the top of the list.

Out of all the popular Costco bakery items out there, one mom had a particularly strong case of heart eyes for this recently released treat. She posted footage of the strawberries and cream bar cake to her TikTok account, Costco Hot Finds, and declared, "It's one of the best desserts I've ever had."


Strawberries & Cream!!! It’s Awesome!!!

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We won't lie, the cake looks smooth and swoon-worthy, even if the price is $17.99. Aside from the price being the top complaint, many Costco members are saying it's not too sweet and will be on the hunt for it during their next shopping trip.