Aldi's Fresh Citrus Fruits Section Doesn't Mess Around

Everyone who shops at Aldi has their go-to items: snacks like hummus, pretzels, tortilla chips, and salsa, or staples like mayonnaise, peanut butter, and olive oil. With lower prices available on almost everything in the store, it can be tempting to go a little crazy, but it's important to remember some of the best and worst foods to buy at Aldi. By all means, buy their wine, which is not only affordable but award-winning.

Despite their cheaper-than-elsewhere prices, a surprising number of shoppers avoid Aldi's produce. Aldi began taking steps to address that in 2018 with their product expansion plan. "[Consumers] want more fresh, which is leading us to expand exponentially our fresh produce, fresh meat and organic products — anything healthier for the consumer," Aldi CEO Jason Hart said about the plan while at an Illinois Aldi, via New Hope Network.

Some customers suggest going to the busier locations for the freshest produce, since the product turnover is highest, or only buying what you know is in season. Whatever your method is for finding the freshest produce, though, there are some who say you can't beat Aldi's citrus fruits.

Aldi's customers say fresh citrus fruits are a must

For vegan bartender Emily Anderson, Aldi is the place to go for all of her cocktail-related ingredients. While she's apt to check out the seasonal produce section on her visits, the well-stocked citrus section is a must. "Aldi always seems to be stocked up on fresh lemons, limes, and oranges," she shared with Insider. "I grab a bag of each to use for juice and garnishes. Three bags usually costs me under $10." (While costs do vary between stores, a quick search of a local Aldi reveals a price of $10.79 for three bags of lemons, limes, and mandarins.)

Unfortunately, you won't find organic limes or lemons at Aldi, but you can find organic navel oranges at some locations. Aldi has definitely gotten a bad rap due to their often hit-or-miss selection, but many shoppers have reported discovering delicious citrus fruits at their stores recently. "Love Cara Cara [navel oranges]. Hope the great tastes continue. So disappointed when not so great. I have only returned Citrus once," a Redditor posted on an Aldi subreddit.