Why A Surprising Number Of Shoppers Avoid Aldi's Produce

Aldi is a popular grocery store chain because it offers its customers great, affordable prices on essential items, without skimping on flavor and quality. In fact, for many Aldi fans, the store is their go-to stop for all kinds of everyday staples like milk, eggs, bread, pantry items, tasty snacks, desserts, and even wine. However there is one item that doesn't always hit the mark for every shopper: their produce. Although some shoppers have no problem with Aldi's fresh fruits and vegetables, others complain that the produce they purchase at the budget grocery chain often goes bad quickly, doesn't stay fresh, and is just generally of lower quality than many of the other products sold here.

One Aldi shopper was so fed up with their produce-buying experience that they took to the social media site Reddit to voice their disappointment. "I love you Aldi but I'm cheating on you," u/investgamer posted, adding, "I'm doing [the] bulk of my grocery shopping at Aldi but buying some produce such as strawberries [and] fresh bagged kale from other supermarkets as it tends to be fresher and lasts longer than [the] Aldi version. I've been shopping at Aldi for years and definitely have seen improvements in their produce over the years, but just quite not there yet."

Some Aldi shoppers feel the produce spoils too quickly

Other Reddit users were quick to agree that Aldi's fresh produce could be much better. "Yep, Costco is the same price for produce and about 20 times better. Love Aldi, their produce not so much," said one person. "I rarely buy produce at Aldi. It's fresher and better quality at other stores near me," seconded another social media user. 

However, not everyone shared such a negative experience in Aldi's fresh produce aisle. "Wow, this surprises me. The produce at our local Aldi is fresher than that at the bigger supermarkets. I think it's because the turn over is so quick," one commenter wrote. "My ALDI has really good produce. We buy 95% of our produce from there. I guess it varies from store to store," responded another satisfied Aldi shopper. 

It certainly seems like quality can definitely vary quite a bit depending on location. So, if you are one of the lucky ones who has no problem finding great, fresh Aldi produce, then you should by all means continue to enjoy the one-stop shopping experience. But at some Aldi stores, even the most devoted fans may want to look for better quality produce elsewhere.