Aldi's Canned Food Supply Brings It In All The Right Ways

Many shoppers may look down on canned foods, assuming they're less enjoyable and flavorful than fresh alternatives. But that's not the case at Aldi, the German-based discount grocery store that's developed a dedicated following worldwide in recent years. In fact, if you ask diehard Aldi lovers, they may point to some of the chain's canned offerings as some of the best values anywhere.

While the brands may not always be the ones you recognize, Aldi offers just about every canned good shoppers can find at typical supermarkets — and many that go above and beyond. This includes canned vegetables, fruit, soups, beans, and even canned fish. Canned veggies, beans, and fish are especially popular among Aldi's budget-focused shoppers. Protein-rich beans and fish can serve as the centerpiece of nutritious, low-cost meals, and canned vegetables like tomatoes can serve as a base for sauces, soups, or similar dishes, offering the same vibrant, desirable flavors as name-brand alternatives. All provide the notable advantage of being shelf-stable for extended periods, allowing shoppers to sock them away in the pantry for future meals.

The secret behind the value

Aldi Co-President Brent Laubaugh told Store Brands that the consistently high quality of all Aldi brand items is a result of the trust built through long-term relationships with its food producers and suppliers. This allows both sides to work to optimize sourcing, preparation, and packaging for the lowest prices and best quality. While the label may show names like Burman's, Millville, Brookdale, or Simply Nature, the packaging often bears more than a passing resemblance to familiar brands, making shopping a bit easier and faster for those accustomed to traditional supermarkets.

Aside from the high quality, it's easy to see why those looking for the best value will also fill their carts with Aldi canned goods. Research by Ramsey Solutions found that compared to Walmart, which is already known for rock-bottom prices, Aldi's prices were cheaper for 17 out of 25 typical items you'd put in your cart. But, like every store, some choices are better than others. Ahead of your next trip, make sure you know which are the best and worst canned foods from Aldi.