The Baking Ingredient That's Actually A Banging Steak Seasoning

Fans of the FX seriesĀ "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" will rejoice upon learning the latest TikTok food trend, which kicks the flavor of your steak up a notch. According to a series of TikTok videos, dry whole milk powder, which is traditionally used in baking, is the greatest flavor enhancer you've never thought to use on your freshest cuts of steak. The method reportedly not only produces a delicious and well-seasoned final result, but it also brings to mind the favorite food of "Always Sunny" character Charlie Kelly, who famously quips that his favorite meal is a nice milk steak, with a side of jellybeans (raw, of course).

Jellybeans aside, countlessĀ users of the dry milk steak method have come to learn that the sweet and salty flavors of the powder rapidly permeate the meat in order to produce a delicious red center with a perfectly seared outer crust. Of course, the hack comes with a significant caveat, as the incredibly dry powder can lead to rapid burning if you're not careful in your cooking method. In order to preserve your cut of steak, be sure to follow along with guides and instructions before attempting to utilize the milk steak method at home.

How does the milk powder benefit the steak?

This perfect steak seasoning hack requires a delicate hand, as the dry whole milk powder can burn on the stovetop. While many chefs, such as those at the Steak School by Stanbroke, swear by the stovetop method of using just oil to produce a perfect crust, the milk powder is capable of permeating deep into the meat, providing a crunchy dry crust that sits perfectly atop your excellently cooked meat, with no additional assistance.

To season your cut, first, apply a layer of salt before covering the steak in a thin layer of the dry milk powder. Then, season as you normally would using salt, pepper, garlic powder, and your preferred blend of herbs and spices. TikTokers yielding successful cooking methods with the dry milk steak seem to be utilizing the oven, the broiler, and even the air fryer in order to achieve a perfectly cooked steak, which elicits a shocked reaction in each video. Charlie Kelly would be pleased.