The Aldi Wine That Was Spotted On Selling Sunset

Aldi has established itself as a go-to destination for budget-friendly products. However, the popular German supermarket chain is also gaining recognition as a top choice for wine lovers, with an extensive selection available in its stores. Aldi has become a formidable player in the wine industry and even garnered prestigious awards for some of its wines, including the Specially Selected Australian Shiraz, the Ch√Ęteau Moulinet Pomerol, and the Californian Petite Sirah.

The popularity of Aldi's wines extends beyond the supermarket aisles. In a Reddit post, a user expressed excitement after spotting their favorite wine, Winking Owl, while watching the latest season of "Selling Sunset." The user acknowledged that even though the wine is likely used for staging purposes, they are willing to believe that it's the preferred choice even among affluent individuals, considering the luxurious setting of the show. "The house was going for 8 million; if it's good enough for millionaires, it's good enough for me!"

Aldi is positioning itself as the ideal place for affordable, high-quality wine, offering a wide selection of bottles priced under $10. Among these brands, California's Winking Owl stands out as a superb choice, typically priced at under $5. This popular Aldi wine brand has gained considerable attention, captivating shoppers with its appealing bottle design and unbeatable price.

Who says a good wine has to cost a fortune?

For wine enthusiasts yet to experience the delight of Winking Owl, the question arises: What makes it so captivating? Can one truly discover a quality wine priced below $5?

As wine's popularity grows, consumers realize that a delightful bottle doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. Notably, most reality shows are perfect for product placement and use wines for staging, featuring them prominently on camera or having the cast reference specific brands. Those seeking affordable wine options have discovered Aldi's impressive range of locally-sourced wines that won't break the bank, including Winking Owl, which has gained significant attention even among reality show personalities. As one Reddit user recalled, "I spotted a number of bottles of WO on 'HGTV Fixer to Fabulous' when Dave and Jenny Mars built a 'wine wall' for her parent's house and filled it up with that bottled goodness that is the owl."

Another Redditor said, "I believe it's the Shiraz as well. I'd know that bottle anywhere." While there have been mixed reactions online regarding the quality of Aldi's wine, with netizens having pretty awful things to say, Winking Owl's Shiraz has stood the test of time. This particular red wine stands out among the various Winking Owl varietals, earning high praise in cyberspace for its delectable taste, smoothness, and excellent value.