The Best July Aldi Finds To Make Your Party A Success

July is a time for gatherings. Between backyard barbecues for the Fourth and late summer night dinner parties, there is a lot of food shopping and menu planning to tackle. With soaring food inflation costs, it's time to get a little inventive with the menu options. However, that doesn't mean skipping courses or choosing bland or basic choices to stay on budget. If you're unsure where to start, it might be the perfect time to turn to none other than the discount grocery shopping mecca Aldi

Aldi's upcoming finds for July offer a perfect starter for every cuisine type. Vegan potstickers for a Chinese menu, chicken and vegetarian empanadas for a Mexican feast, and plenty of Greek options like mixed olives and stuffed grape leaves that will have you feeling like you're sailing down the Mediterranean. These items are all upcoming Aldi finds, so pay attention to their release dates before you hit the shops. 

Journey to India Mini Vegetable Samosas

Samosas are a crowd-pleasing app in any takeout order, so being able to make a tray in the oven is a great, stress-free idea for your July dinner parties. These Journey to India mini veggie samosas come with a tamarind sauce for dipping and will be available on July 19 for $4.49. 

Journey to Greece Mediterranean Olive Mix

Nothing beats an appetizer you don't have to heat up to serve. A mix of Mediterranean olives is the perfect starter when it's too hot to stay in the kitchen. The mix includes green and black olives, garlic cloves, and red peppers. Adding crumbled feta is an easy upgrade to turn them into a full appetizer. These are available July 12 for $3.49. 

Casa Mamita Mini Empanadas

Empanadas are traditional pastries throughout Spain, Argentina, and much of Latin America — and for a good reason. They're delicious and super versatile. These mini empanadas from Casa Mamita have two flavors from which to choose: chicken and cheese and roasted corn and black bean. Get one of each to please veggie and meat lovers alike. You can grab these starting July 19 for $4.99. 

Journey to Greece Spanakopita

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in the flavors of the Mediterranean, so these Spanakopita bites from Journey to Greece are an easy addition to your dining table as a snack or appetizer. Like the classic version, these minis are made with phyllo pastry, spinach, and cheese. Grab them starting July 12 for $4.49 a box. 

Clancy's Baked Pretzel Slims

No July barbecue is complete without some chips and dip, but a little variety in the chip department is always welcome. That's where the Pretzel Slims from Clancy's come in. These pretzels are baked and have plenty of surface area for holding up to the heartiest dips. They are available in Garlic Parmesan and Bacon Habanero flavors and will be available at Aldi from July 19 for $1.89. 

Earth Grown Vegetable Potstickers

Vegan appetizers are too often lackluster and mostly revolve around cold veggies. For something hot and flavorful, consider going for a few vegan potstickers. They're satisfying and quick to make: 8-12 minutes is all it takes, and they're ready to serve. If you want a more filling starter, then try these potstickers over rice or noodles. These are available starting July 12 for $5.69 a box.

Clancy's Veggie Straw Multipack

Potato chips have spent too long in the spotlight: We think it's time for other veggies to enter the chip game. That's what Clancy's offers with its naturally flavored veggie straws. Aldi offers a 6-pack of single-serve bags, which makes these a great addition to dunk in your favorite dip. Or, eat them alone as a snack during a road trip or beach picnic. They're available July 26 for $3.69. 

Journey to Greece Stuffed Grape Leaves

Aldi's Mediterranean offerings don't stop at olives and Spanikopita. Stuffed grape leaves are another traditional Greek offering — and this canned version brings them stateside. Stuffed with rice, onion, and mint, Journey to Greece's stuffed grape leaves are available for $2.99 starting July 12. To enjoy a Mediterranean feast, pair these with Aldi's spanakopita and an antipasto platter. 

Park Street Deli Sherbet Hummus

Okay, okay, hear us out on Sherbet Hummus. Dessert hummus has come a long way, and the vibrant flavors of mango and lime should add some pleasant tartness to the chickpeas and tahini traditionally found in classic hummus. Pair this dip with pita chips for a winning July appetizer. 8-ounce tubs of Park Street Deli's Mango Lime Sherbet Hummus are available starting July 5 for $1.99.