Aldi's Dessert Hummus Just Got Two Seasonal Flavors

Prefer your holiday party snacks to be sugary, rather than savory? Then hummus might not be the first thing you'd think to buy, but you may want to reconsider because Aldi is currently selling two seasonal dessert hummuses — these are hummuses that are less carrot-friendly, more sweet tooth-friendly. 

"Dessert Hummus. It's a thing. A really delicious thing that's available all season long!" Aldi USA writes in their Instagram post showing off the two dessert hummus flavors, Sugar Cookie and Chocolate Mint. Aldi even asked fans to vote on their favorite. Fans were quick to weigh in and vote on the flavors that appealed most to them.

"I've bought the chocolate mint twice. It's really good and disappears in no time," wrote one commenter. Another, who fell in the cookie camp, included a heart and thumbs up emoji and wrote, "Had the sugar cookie last year." 

Skeptical? One fan who liked both so much that they refused to choose wrote, "I know sounds weird, but just try it to discover it's really delicious." 

The dessert hummus flavor that didn't come back

Some fans have pointed out the omission of last year's beloved Vanilla Bean flavor (spotted by Hip2Save), which was available last year alongside the other two for $3.49 for an 8-ounce tub. "When is the vanilla bean one coming back?" one Aldi commenter wrote. "That was the best hummus I've ever had."

If you're skeptical of dessert hummuses, Aldi is a great place to start. Eating Well rated Aldi's chocolate hummus the best one on offer, writing, "Out of the three chocolate hummus varieties we tried, this one from Aldi unanimously stood above the rest. We loved the strong chocolate flavor and the fact that it actually had the consistency of brownie batter instead of a gritty beany bite. It goes great with fruit, pretzels, and graham crackers." 

Aldi recommends eating the Chocolate Mint flavor with pretzels, with graham crackers, or just straight out of the jar with a spoon. For Sugar Cookie, Aldi recommends the same and also suggests that you try it on vanilla wafers. They're limited edition just for the season, and as Vanilla Bean has taught us, some flavors don't come back. So, if you're curious, try them now.