Apparently, Chipotle Charges For Extra Rice

Everyone knows Chipotle charges extra for guac, but customers claim the burrito chain is now doing the same with rice. It's not unheard of for restaurants to tack on fees for such add-ons. However, some Chipotle regulars are shocked it's happening there, especially with an ingredient like rice.

One customer took to Reddit to vent about their experience, describing themself as a "college student who eats frequently at Chipotle." They revealed that asking for more rice recently increased the price of their meal by $1.50, wondering, "How is one scoop of cooked rice now $1.50?"

Content creator @theallenye shared a similar sentiment on TikTok in 2022, claiming that Chipotle is charging $1.30 for anything extra. Other Redditors confirmed they've seen fees for add-ons like rice and beans. However, experiences seem to vary. Some customers state they've only been charged for three or more scoops, while others have continued to order extras for free. Chipotle hasn't announced or confirmed the change, so it's hard to determine what's going on.

Rice doesn't cost extra on the Chipotle app

Despite what may be happening when customers ask for extra rice, Chipotle isn't charging more on its app. Several Redditors offered this tidbit in response to the main poster's complaint. A quick check confirms this is the case, suggesting customers can save money and time by ordering their meals in advance.

Not only can customers get extra rice for free through the Chipotle app, but they can order additional ingredients like beans, cheese, sour cream, and salsa, as well. Charges arise when ordering more expensive add-ons like chicken and guacamole, but that's nothing new.

There's no telling whether the app will eventually catch up with customers' experiences, placing a higher price tag on additional ingredients. It certainly wouldn't be the first time a restaurant made an unpopular change, particularly in the face of inflation. For now, though, Chipotle lovers can digitally customize their burrito bowls — and include as much rice as they want.