The Tomato Girl Summer TikTok Trend Puts The Vibrant Fruit In The Spotlight

It's officially tomato girl summer — at least if TikTok has anything to say about it. In the spring, mood boards began to emerge on the social media platform predicting the lifestyle trend, and it has gone from green to ripe fruition now that summer is in full swing. The tomato girl summer lifestyle is indeed inspired by the vibrant red fruit. The inspiration comes mainly from Italy (the Amalfi coast, to be exact) as well as other Mediterranean regions — basically, anywhere in Europe where you might be served exquisite, fresh tomatoes (via Teen Vogue). Good Morning America describes the movement as "leaning into those relaxed, European summer vibes." It's a sophisticated Italian-inspired trend, and tomato girls all over the globe are eating it up.

Tomato girl summer has indeed taken over TikTok, with videos tagged #tomatogirl raking in over two million views, per the NY Post. The tomato girl summer aesthetic is mostly about style and a way of life, and that includes food. TikToker @eyeswoon featured a recipe for tomato girls that puts tomatoes to good use. It includes grilled halibut, sun gold tomatoes, corn, and salsa verde, all cooked on the grill.

What makes a tomato girl?

So how does one celebrate tomato girl summer? Besides eating plenty of tomatoes, Good Morning America says the mood is all about "Il dolce far niente", Italian for "the sweetness of doing nothing." Teen Vogue says you might find a tomato girl lounging in a cafe, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying their garden. Then comes the clothing, makeup, and hair aesthetics. Naturally, when it comes to attire, the trend centers around red colors, with neutrals being a close second. Fabrics might include cotton, linen, and lace, while ruffles and puff sleeves complete the clothing style. Finish the look with gold jewelry, beachy hair waves, and light makeup.


It's officially tomato girl summer and we could not be more thrilled about it 🍅🫒🦐🍋🦪 #Pinterest

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TikToker Adrianne Paerels spoke with the NY Post about her tomato girl summer style, sharing, "The tomato girl lifestyle comes from aspects of my upbringing. Italian culture is synonymous with family and food — all of the good things that really nourish your soul." As for TikToker @biancabosso, who was featured in the Good Morning America segment, they said tomato girl style came naturally. "I didn't choose the tomato girl life, the tomato girl life chose me," they captioned a recent post.