Gordon Ramsay's Reaction To Steak Cages Is Actually Hysterical

Of all the things he shares on TikTok, Gordon Ramsay being Ramsay — i.e. the ultimate food critic — is some of the most entertaining content out there. Sometimes the maestro praises, but what viewers really live for are the videos where he hurls some of the most hilarious insults. Ramsay's reaction to a creator grilling steak in a cage is as good as it gets. 

When TikToker @bamagrillmaster shared a video demonstrating how a steak cage works, Ramsay couldn't help but give his two cents. "Steak cage? Oh c'mon, seriously? You keep animals in a cage. What are you doing?" Ramsay remarked. Technically, the creator did put an animal in the cage, but we'll let it slide. After criticizing the creator's choice to season the steak after putting it in the cage, Ramsay candidly shared what he thought of the invention. "Oh my god, it looks like my grandma's hip replacement," he remarked. 

Naturally, the internet had a field day with Ramsay's reaction video. "I never thought I'd hear Sir Gordon Ramsay say 'frick'," one viewer wrote. "Okay but like he missed the opportunity to say 'despite all my rage I am still a steak in a cage," another user quipped. "Who's gonna tell him steak is made out of animal?" a third user wrote. 

Steak cages are actually efficient

Ramsay wasn't a big fan of the steak cage, but it was invented to sear steaks and cook burgers evenly from all sides. Just like barbecue grill baskets, steak cages ensure even temperature circulation. They also keep the meat and its seasoning from sticking to the grill, and you can clean them in the sink using soap. The best part about using a steak cage to grill steaks seems to be that the steaks will have perfectly charred diamond cubes. 

The company that invented the product also created a seasoning called "Imprint Seasoning" made out of activated charcoal and black garlic. The seasoning is meant to be sprinkled from the outside to get an imprint of the cage. 


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You might not get your hands on a steak cage, but barbecue grill baskets are easily available for purchase online. While the steak cage allows you to grill one steak at a time, you can grill multiple items using a barbecue grill basket. It will save you the hassle of threading food on skewers. The only downside is that you won't get those perfect sear marks on your steak.