Why You Should Be Using A Pop Tab To Pour Canned Soda

Pouring a soda can in a glass and trying to prevent the foam from overflowing over the sides is one of life's little-talked-about irritations. We try to turn the glass as far to its side as possible and slowly pour the liquid in, but filling the cup is slow and tedious. It turns out there's a solution to this problem, and it's been right in front of us the whole time.

You know the pop tab we use to open a can of soda? That's not all it's capable of. While we already knew that the hole in soda can tabs can be used to hold a straw, TikToker @jordan_the_stallion8 created a video showing that, by adjusting the tab to the middle after opening the can, you can turn the can upside down in the glass and pour the soda without any overflow.

This video was stitched with a video by @julienhimself that posed the question, "What's something that you learned that absolutely blew your freaking mind?" We have to admit, this is a fantastic use for the pop tab that we're embarrassed we didn't know before — it's definitely a tip you might want to share with the people around you every time a soda can and a glass are presented.

The most practical and easy soda hack

Finding out that there are already built-in uses and fixes for our everyday items has become a fascination in recent years, with the phrase "I was today years old" becoming a popular way to share some of these fascinating facts. Learning that your spaghetti spoon has a hole in it to measure a single serving of pasta, or that the sides of juice boxes wing out so kids can hold them and not squeeze the juice out makes us wonder how many of our everyday items could make life simpler, if we only knew what they were truly capable of.


stitch with @Julien Blanc fypシ credit to @That40yearguy

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There have been many hacks for preventing soda fizz eruptions, such as pouring the soda over ice, or putting the can in the glass upside down and flipping it while you pull the can up slowly. But this one definitely seems to be the most practical. In his TikTok video, @Jordan_the_stallion8 credits @That40yearguy for the pop tab discovery, while also sharing that "ever since learning how to properly pour soda into a cup I no longer can pour soda regularly anymore."