Costco's Viral DIY Pizza Burrito Is The Epitome Of American Cuisine

It's not always easy to pick a treat from the Costco food court. Do you go with the classic $1.50 hot dog meal or a giant slice of cheesy pizza, and when it comes to dessert, would you rather enjoy before, after, or in between bites of your meal?

One TikToker has come up with an epic meal hack to make it so you won't have to choose. In a video shared to the platform in September last year, TikTok user @saucesandseltzers put together a massive munchie that was the best of all the worlds when they DIY'd a Costco pizza burrito using several fan-favorite menu items from the retailer's food court.

Their creation started with a half-cheese, half-pepperoni pizza as their base, which the TikToker then loads up with a chicken bake and a hot dog topped with ketchup and mustard. Of course, no meal is complete without dessert, so they added in a churro as well before wrapping everything up burrito-style and slicing it in half. And in case you were thinking this was all for likes, the TikToker proved that wasn't the sole motive behind his post by taking not one, but two bites of the monstrous food court concoction that has many people intrigued.

TikTokers aren't sure how to feel about this DIY Costco pizza burrito

We don't know exactly what it was that motivated TikToker user @saucesandseltzers to create their epic, all-Costco food court meal. Perhaps they had just seen a re-run of SNL's 2005 Taco Town skit, or maybe they were just really hungry after going up and down the aisles of the big box retailer. Regardless of what the inspiration was, we now have a Costco pizza burrito on our minds, as do all the other 541,000-plus people who viewed their September TikTok video in which they demonstrated how to make the edible DIY.

Reactions to the creation were split. Some people thought of the burrito as an abomination, while others couldn't help but poke fun at the dish. "Looks like the mayor's request from 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs'," one person commented. "Cheaper than Chipotle," another claimed. Still, despite the mixed reviews, there was one common conclusion amongst a number of commenters: that the Costco pizza burrito is, if anything, the epitome of an all-American meal.

Of course, there were a few people in the comments section of the video that expressed interest in trying the food court idea for themselves, and those who happen to have a spare $17, give or take. However, folks who are looking for a slightly cheaper way to upgrade your Costco meal may be interested in this rotisserie chicken pizza hack, instead.