We're Booking A Ticket To Canada For Snapple Spiked Long Island Iced Tea

With summer in full swing, many of us are celebrating the triumphant return of patio season. If you get thirsty while enjoying the great outdoors from the comfort of your patio, Snapple offers a boozy summer drink perfect for days spent out in the sun, but you'll have to go north of the border to find it in stores. 

Snapple Spiked is the iconic iced tea company's answer to the slew of hard iced tea options available on the market, and this one comes packed with a healthy dose of nostalgia and a variety of flavors, including a limited edition Long Island iced tea. Brewed with real tea leaves as reported by Alberta-based liquor store The Liquor Company, the drink has been compared to other vodka-based coolers including White Claw, Nutrl Vodka Soda, and Mike's Hard Lemonade. 

Snapple Spiked has been available in the Canadian market since 2015, but despite its popularity up north, the company so far has not released any information on whether or not the hard iced tea could make an appearance in the U.S. 

You may not have to go to Canada to try Snapple Spiked

Snapple Spiked comes in some of the same Snapple flavors you indulged in as a kid, albeit in a made-for-adults version. Flavors include mango raspberry tea, Long Island ice tea, watermelon tea, raspcherry tea, strawberry kiwi, tea and lemonade, and peach tea. No matter the flavor, the drinks seem to be popular online with those who would rather down something sweet without any carbonation.

Some Canadians have taken to online forums to offer their opinions of Snapple's alcoholic line, and the reviews have us itching for a trip to the Great White North. One commenter's description made them seem like the quintessential drink for the season. "This Snapple vodka cooler has just enough alcohol and ratio of juice. It's not too sweet, perfect with ice on a hot summer day sitting on the deck or around a fire" (via Influenster).

If a trip to Canada to pick up a can of Snapple Spiked isn't in the cards, there seems to be one place in particular where Americans can get their hands on the coveted coolers. Five flavors of Snapple Spiked are listed on Wine-Searcher, a website that lets users find the best places to purchase their alcoholic drinks of choice. American users can follow the "go to shop" link on the website to be connected with a Canadian liquor store that can ship any alcoholic Snapple flavor right to their doorstep, no passport required.