McDonald's Indonesia Has A Wedding Package That's A True Fairytale

Here's a simple fact: You wouldn't be thrilled about going to a wedding that doesn't have good food, and you definitely don't want that to happen at your own nuptials. There is no rule that says the food has to be super fancy and expensive, but it has to be good enough to make your guests happy. That's easier said than done because catering can cost a pretty penny. However, in Jakarta, Indonesia, you can make it happen for under $500. Seriously.

McDonald's Indonesia's wedding package can feed around a hundred people for as little as $231. With a minimum order of 100 pieces, the Wedding Mekdi package includes 100 McChickens, and 100 four-piece Chicken McNuggets. According to an Instagram post announcing the package, customers can also ask for a food stall that comes with an extra charge.

The catering offer is not currently available in the U.S., but if the Jakarta wedding package is a success, there is a chance that it will be made available in other countries as well.

People have some interesting things to say about it

The McDonald's wedding package has got some netizens excited. Many think it's a great offer, especially in this economy. "I mean... if I were to get married again tomorrow, I'd totally look into having someone like McDonald's or another chain restaurant cater. Weddings are expensive enough as it is, and with the way the economy is these days, I'd just as soon not start my marriage off in debt," one Redditor writes.

Others were busy making jokes. "If I did this I would have ended up McDivorced," states another Redditor. Others were concerned about the quality of food. "McDonald's is not made for huge orders like this, you can't keep the burgers fresh for a longer time. I'd rather have 1 fresh burger than 5 old burgers. But it's a nice deal anyways, some people don't care about freshness," another Redditor writes.

Regardless of what people say, the offer is economical. Customers will save around $96 in total since the order would cost around $326 if the items were purchased individually.