It's No Secret Anymore Why Soda Cans Are Beveled On The Bottom

Soda has long been a popular beverage choice for refreshments or to accompany meals. While we happily sip this fizzy drink, it's easy to forget the craftsmanship and production behind their sleek, metallic cans that are often preferred to bottles. These cylindrical wonders are the perfect fusion of spheres and cubes, carefully designed to maximize efficiency and convenience. Manufacturers strive for the ideal shape that not only delights customers with an ergonomic grip but also minimizes materials and packaging space. But here's a head-scratcher: Why are soda cans beveled at the bottom?

Soda cans used to look completely different when they hit the market in 1938. Gone are the days when cans were just for holding soda. Now, they're multi-functional marvels, cleverly designed to make the best use of space and handle pressure. Their round shape is key — it keeps the can intact, withstanding both inward and outward forces. But the concave dome at the bottom is the game-changer, allowing the can to handle higher pressures than a flat bottom would. Surprisingly, these thin cans can hold liquid up to 90 pounds of pressure per square inch. The dome shape not only contributes to its strength but also reduces the amount of metal required for production. It's a smart design that saves materials — and has another purpose that might be a surprise to you, too.

A secret use for the soda can

While the can's circular shape is crucial to maintain carbonation and the delicious soda taste, the ridge on the bottom holds a secret. It turns out it's not just some random design choice, but the beveled bottoms actually serve a dual purpose: According to TikToker @jordan_the_stallion8, not only do they allow the cans to stack up perfectly (making storage a breeze), but they also double as handy tools for opening another can. Yep, you heard that right! You can stack up one can and use it to open another effortlessly. It's like a multipurpose magic trick.


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Try this nifty trick next time you're struggling to open a can, especially if you've got freshly manicured nails or sensitive fingertips. Just grab another soda, place it on top, catch the bottom can's tab with the top can's edge, pull towards you, and voilà! That soda can might be more helpful than you think. (And did you know you can even use the built-in hole on the tab to hold your straw?) It's time to let the soda do the work for you.