Forget The Oven - Bake Your Cake With A Grill Instead

When most people hear the word "bake," they immediately think of an oven. However, in technical terms, baking is just the term for cooking with dry heat. While an oven is uniquely suited to create that environment, it is not the only approach. You can bake in any vessel that creates an atmosphere of dry heat, such as a crockpot, an air fryer, or even a grill.

If you just can't get enough of that smoky flavor, forget the oven and consider baking your cake on the grill. While it does take a little diligence, it's not hard to do and it will produce astounding results — you and your guests will enjoy an irresistible smoky-sweet treat. If you would like an easier method to obtain that tantalizing flavor, bake your cake in the oven — preferably using a recipe that holds together, such as pound cake — and just grill a single slice. This doesn't take long and is nearly impossible to mess up (as long as you are paying attention). Plus, you'll get a bit of an effect from the Maillard Reaction, which will infuse each bite with a rich savoriness.

The secret to baking a cake on a grill

While it is not difficult to bake a cake using a grill, it's not quite as easy as slipping it into the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for half an hour. There are a few important things to remember to ensure the best results.

Baking requires sustained, consistent heat. On a grill, this can be hard to achieve. Because of the heat control it provides, it's best to use a gas grill with the lid down for baking. And while a hood-mounted thermometer is a great tool, remember, it is only measuring the air temperature near where it is located — as you get closer to the surface of the grill it will be hotter. So use it as a guide, not an absolute.

To get the most evenly heated air inside your grill, use indirect heat. If you place your cake over an active burner, it will be nearly impossible to achieve a desirable outcome. Also, because the temperature may fluctuate, be sure to keep an eye on your cake to prevent it from burning.