Trader Joe's Is Now Selling Tangy Pickle Cheese Curds

Trader Joe's is known for its seasonal and limited-time offerings, and one of the grocery chain's latest additions capitalizes on the recent pickle trend. Pickles and pickle-flavored foods have gotten a lot of attention over the past couple of years. Yelp predicted their popularity would grow even further in 2023. That seems to be the case, with companies launching everything from pickle-flavored Ranch dressing to pickle-flavored hard seltzer. And now Trader Joe's has begun selling Pickle Curds, an item that's already getting rave reviews.

Beehive Cheese's Pickle Curds are a limited-edition Trader Joe's snack, combining cheese curds with pickle seasoning. It's one of many pickle-flavored items the grocer sells, and it's among the most versatile. Instagram user @whats_in_your_cart recommends making "pickle poutine" with them. However, they can be tossed in a salad, fried in an air fryer, or even just eaten out of the bag. It seems they'll pack a flavorful punch whichever way they're prepared, at least if early reviews are anything to go by.

Pickle Curds join a long line of pickle items Trader Joe's

In their Instagram post discussing the new Pickle Curds, @whats_in_your_cart admitted, "When I saw the packaging I was a little skeptical but they were delicious!" Popular TJ's Instagram account @traderjoeslist also described them as "DILLICIOUS." With consumers seeking out pickle-flavored treats, it's likely only a matter of time until more shoppers echo these sentiments.

Pickle Curds are the latest Trader Joe's item for brine lovers, but they're far from the only pickle offering to line its shelves in recent years. The grocer rolled out a pickle-flavored seasoning blend dubbed Seasoning in a Pickle last May, and it's become one of the biggest hits from the store's spice section. TJ's has also stocked pickle-flavored falafel, hummus, mustard, potato chips, and mini corndogs. If something can be infused with dill flavoring, Trader Joe's seems committed to making it happen.

With that in mind, Pickle Curds may not be the last item of its kind to arrive on shelves. As long as pickles remain popular, stores and restaurants are likely to push out more offerings with them at the center. Pickle Curds are a limited-time offering, so they may only be around for the summer.