How To Get Banned From Costco Now That It's Cracking Down On Memberships

Similar to how Netflix recently cracked down on password-sharing, Costco is becoming stricter on who is allowed to use its membership cards. While the company's Membership Privileges & Conditions page doesn't specify you can't share membership cards, such a practice has already got some shoppers banned. According to its policy, Costco can terminate membership at the store's discretion. 

Recently, the warehouse retailer has started cracking down on membership-card sharing. Take this one Tiktoker who revealed that their mother received a ban from her local Costco. She tried to use her husband's membership card for grocery shopping, but while her husband had a gold star membership, her name wasn't on the card. As a result, employees banned her after catching her using the card at self-checkout.

As Costco implements a stricter approach to membership-card sharing, it is crucial to navigate these changes carefully. Familiarize yourself with the updated policies so you do not accidentally get banned from your favorite store. The best way to avoid getting banned is to have a Costco card in your name. That being said, there are a few other ways you can shop at the store without getting banned as well.

How to avoid getting banned

 A Costco gold star card allows you and another member of your household to shop at Costco. While it does carry an annual membership fee, having a Costco card in your name is the best way to avoid getting a ban. A gold star card costs $60 on average, and an executive membership, which offers additional rewards, costs $120 per year. Of course, if you know someone who already has a Costco membership, you could ask them to go shopping with you. Costco allows its members to bring two additional guests to its stores. While only the member can checkout or purchase items, you could always pay back a friend or family member.


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While that seems like a bit of a hassle, you can shop at Costco without a membership as long as you have a gift card. So, if someone gave you a gift card as a present, you're free to shop away. However, even that comes with a fine print — only Costco members are allowed to buy gift cards. So you can't purchase one yourself to avoid getting a membership, but if you know a Costco shopper, you can always ask for one for a birthday or holiday. Of course, there are always other ways to get your Costco membership revoked, so stay vigilant.