Canned Ice Cream Is The Unique Way To Eat Your Favorite Frozen Treat

So here we were, falling down that usual TikTok rabbit hole of watching videos old and new when suddenly our eyes were caught by what appeared to be a really cool (in the most literal sense) product that we immediately wanted to get our paws on: ice cream in a can. What a great way to keep the ice cream colder, since metal has a higher thermal conductivity rate than the plastic or paper cups that ice cream often comes in. Metal also makes for a sturdier, less crushable carrying container, as well. The video, alas, had far less information than we'd have liked, but a little more research turned up some need-to-know info including the unfortunate fact that this particular product only seems to be available in Australia.

The canned ice cream shown on TikTok is a brand called KombiAlley which made its debut in September 2020 at the KombiAlley Drive-thru Dessert Festival in Brisbane. The flavor shown in the video is called Gringo Biscuit and is basically an American-style Oreo cookies and cream. Another offering, Aussie Paw, is meant to mimic the favorite Antipodean dessert called pavlova with its meringue pieces and raspberry and passionfruit swirls. Among the other flavors are Berry White (strawberry with a swirl of white chocolate) as well as four different chocolate-based flavors: O.T.T., Happy Endings, Solid Gold Choc, and Sexual Chocolate (this last one is perhaps a nod to former WWE wrestler Mark Henry's Attitude Era gimmick of the same name).

This Australian ice cream wasn't the first to come in a can

While the KombiAlley ice cream claims to be a "world first" as well as a "local KombiAlley invention," it's actually not the first time someone has thought to pack ice cream into a ring pull can. In fact, a full six years prior to KombiAlley's debut, cronut creator Dominique Ansel came up with a canned ice cream of his own that was only available for a single day.

Ansel's creation, which came in an Andy Warhol-inspired can, was called Pop It! And was sold out of an East Hampton ice cream truck on August 2, 2014. This one-of-a-kind sundae consisted of a combination of rootbeer and stracciatella ice creams (the latter being a fancy kind of chocolate chip) along with mix-ins including macerated cherries, mascarpone semifreddo, toasted marshmallows, and miniature cherry meringues called Mini Mes. A Facebook post by Dominique Ansel Bakery compared the flavor to that of a root beer float, albeit one with cherry and chocolate overtones. We're sorry we missed this canned sundae, but from the looks of things, it was certainly as colorful as it must have been flavorful.