Chocolate Deviled Eggs Are Exactly What They Sound Like

We're all familiar with deviled eggs, the almost evilly delicious concoction made from hard-boiled eggs where the yolks are removed, flavored, and piped back into the hard-boiled whites. Whether you opt for regular deviled eggs for a summer picnic or rely on a colored deviled egg recipe for Easter, you know this appetizer is always a crowd-pleaser for all ages. But have you ever considered chocolate deviled eggs?

Trust us — we didn't just make this up. Chocolate-deviled eggs are actually a thing. In fact, the Ohio Poultry Association has been serving its chocolate deviled eggs recipes at the Ohio State Fair since 2019 to accompany its other unique deviled egg flavors including lemon meringue deviled eggs, Mexican street corn deviled eggs, and tomato bacon ranch deviled eggs, among others. This year, the flavored deviled eggs, including chocolate deviled eggs, will be sold at the fair at a stand-alone food stand, the Devilishly Good Food Stand, selling only its unique concoctions.

How are chocolate deviled eggs made?

This version of deviled eggs is exactly what it sounds like. It features an egg yolk mixture made of combined chocolate, sugar, and other ingredients to make the filling that you place back into the egg white shells. Essentially, the process involves hard boiling eggs as you would for regular deviled eggs, letting them cool, then cutting them open the long way to remove the yolks. Then, you'll mix the yolks with melted chocolate, butter, and sugar until you have a mousse-like substance that you'll pipe into the egg whites.

There is no mayonnaise involved here like in traditional deviled egg recipes, and you can top the deviled eggs with whatever you'd like, such as chocolate shavings, mini chocolate chips, bacon, mint, or, what appears to be one of the popular choices — chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. It certainly sounds, well, different, but don't let that stop you from giving this deviled egg variation a shot.

How do chocolate deviled eggs taste?

So, you might be wondering, how exactly does a chocolate deviled egg taste? We think it's fair to say they're certainly a unique flavor, but that hasn't stopped adventurous foodies from trying them, and, if they're a hit at the Ohio State Fair, that's a sign the chocolate deviled egg recipe must be mighty tasty. One Ohio State Fair worker at the Ohio Poultry Association booth confirmed the taste profile is "different," but added, "They taste good" (via Facebook). Meanwhile, one YouTuber gave the recipe a try and compared the taste of the yolk to chocolate mousse. 

While not everyone has tried such an unusual combination, the dish has already garnered buzz online from those who are hoping to dig in. One person wrote on YouTube, "I'm trying to mentally 'taste' these eggs ... the chocolate is yummy ... with hard-cooked whites, maybe a little odd, but I'd be willing to give it a try." Meanwhile, another chimed in, writing, "I could eat every one of these crave-worthy creations!" A third user was also excited about this combo of chocolate and deviled eggs, sharing, "Those would be deadly around me."