New Survey Finds Americans' Favorite Meat And Cheese Sandwich Combo Is A Classic

Everybody has a favorite sandwich, some more unique or popular than others. Yet, as research shows, the majority of folks living in the U.S. seem to prefer one sandwich over the rest. This was calculated by how much 2,000 individuals surveyed by OnePoll favored each sandwich ingredient as they were combined (via New York Post). It was found that 54% of Americans enjoy tomato, 39% top their sandwich with cheddar cheese, and another 39% choose Black Forest ham as the sandwich's main protein. In conclusion, ham with cheese reigns supreme.

It's hard to pinpoint where the idea for a ham and cheese sandwich came from, but an early recipe for a ham sandwich (sans cheese) dates back to at least 1840. Perhaps the most desirable part of the ham and cheese sandwich is how customizable it is. You can add additional vegetables, cheeses, and condiments, or follow a famed recipe, such as the one for the French-created Croque Monsieur. This dish requires Béchamel sauce and Dijon mustard, either gruyere or Swiss cheese, and of course, ham.

Indeed, if you're one of the many folks out there who frequently eat sandwiches, you know that much more goes into it than just choosing a few basic fillings. There are also many other preferences that shake up what Americans want in a sandwich.

The survey reveals additional preferences

For some, sandwich-making is an art that requires more decisions than slapping two pieces of bread together. One is the bread itself — according to OnePoll's results, 37% of respondents prefer whole wheat. 36% would rather have sourdough bread, and 33% choose the multigrain variety. Other times, people add more toppings than the favored ham, cheese, and tomato sandwich requires. When it comes to vegetables, onion sits parallel to tomato at 54%, followed closely by cucumber at 51%. The favorite sauce is honey mustard with 58% of survey respondents choosing it, and the favorite cheeses behind the previously reported cheddar are Swiss at 36% and American, also at 36%.

The ham and cheese sandwich also catches the eye of professional chefs, though they often add some flair to the original recipe. The head chef of Pali Hill, Avinash Shashidhara, told The Guardian that the best ham and cheese sandwich is grilled, and it incorporates Worcestershire sauce, cream, Tabasco hot sauce, and black pepper. For cheese, the fan-voted cheddar is swapped for fontina, and the ham is more specifically prosciutto. However, that chef didn't actually think of this idea themself — they actually discovered it while dining at Harry's Bar.