Square Croissants Corner The Market On Viral Desserts

Croissants are a beloved pastry for breakfast and dessert, and a new trend gives these treats a makeover. Croissants get their name from their crescent shape, but bakeries are now experimenting with square croissants — and they seem to be a hit. These desserts go viral online, where foodies show off their unique look. The cubed appearance isn't immediately recognizable as a croissant, but it does offer a benefit that the traditional kind doesn't.

The shape of traditional croissants renders them flatter and thinner than square ones. Naturally, the cubed croissants boast a bigger middle. This means the inside contains more dough, making it much fluffier. If the square croissant has a flavor, it's also likely to be stuffed with more filling than a traditional one. This is why these new croissants are taking off, as they improve the texture and flavor of the pastry. That's no small feat, as traditional croissants are already delicious to begin with. 

Where to find square croissants

With square croissants going viral on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, more and more bakeries are bound to embrace this treat. However, foodies will wonder where to find them in the meantime. They're cropping up in a surprising number of restaurants. One TikTok creator showed off her croissant cube from Le Deli Robuchon in London, while it's possible to find them at Croissanté in Santa Clara, California. A number of bakeries in New York City feature square croissants as well, including Julien Boulangerie.


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If this trend continues, square croissants will start showing up in more locations — and may be joined by other shapes. Circular croissants have also made the rounds online, and some bakeries are trying out rectangular ones, as well. The possibilities are endless, so the croissant craze could continue for a while. No one's following the rules while making croissants; honestly, who can complain?