GBBO Finally Has A (Rumored) Season 14 Premiere Date

"The Great British Bake Off" has been entertaining and inspiring viewers for more than a dozen seasons now, and the upcoming season promises no different. Season 14 is slated to air on September 12 for UK viewers, and shortly thereafter on Netflix for American viewers — potentially as soon as September 15. With a new episode airing each week for a total of 10 episodes, GBBO will again carry us into the holiday season.

Season 14 will also feature hosts Noel Fielding, Prue Leith, Paul Hollywood, and newcomer Alison Hammond. The show has yet to announce the competitors, but viewers can expect to see 12 new bakers enter the tent in the fall, as per usual.

Aside from bringing on a new host to replace Matt Lucas, the only other major change to the show this season is the level of difficulty chosen for each of the challenges. Being that many viewers complained about the previous season, GBBO has decided to make some changes moving forward.

The controversy that reshaped GBBO's season 14

With nearly every cooking show these days, contestants are subjected to strict time restraints and difficult challenges — perhaps too strict and too difficult, in some viewers' eyes. And while we don't think of "The Great British Bake Off" as being as intense as, say, "Hell's Kitchen," recent seasons have certainly ramped things up.

Those who watched Season 13 might recall GBBO's first-ever Halloween special. In this episode, bakers had to construct a hanging lantern that was not only edible, but also filled with additional treats in a piñata-esque twist. Though the bakers were given four hours to complete the challenge, viewers complained that it wasn't enough time to undertake such a ridiculous task.

As such, the show told Edinburgh News that its upcoming season plans to "strip it back to basics, with a few twists." So, if you want to watch bakers bring forth their favorite carrot cake recipe this fall, keep your eye out for the premiere sometime around September 15.