TikTok Is Using The Sun To Make The Best Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

You've probably heard the commonly used saying, "So hot outside that you could cook an egg." However, one TikToker took that expression literally, but instead of frying eggs, they've used the heat from the sun to make chocolate-covered strawberries. It's not as bizarre as it sounds. With sweltering temperatures in many locations, especially during the summer, it turns out that your backyard may become a natural oven on a cloudless day.

A TikToker opened two bars of Hershey's milk chocolate and laid it on the table outside. After only about 20 minutes, the chocolate bars had completely melted into a fine chocolatey goo. From there, it's the simple matter of forking a strawberry and dipping it into the chocolate until covered, and then you're free to enjoy. It's hardly a novel invention with other TikTokers also sharing their own versions of the hack. For instance, one TikToker swapped Hershey's chocolate bars for several Hershey's kisses instead. Meanwhile, another TikToker put their bowls of chocolate on a metal table (which may help it heat faster). 

Several people shared their own ideas for the hack, with one user expressing concern about flying insects getting into the chocolate. Another user suggested how you could have chocolate-covered strawberries on the go, writing, "Quicker hack is to putting it on the dashboard on the drive to the park."

The science explained

If you're wondering why this chocolate hack works so well, it's the same principle as forgetting a chocolate bar in the car, only to return to find it a molten mess. Chocolate actually has a melting point that is around 86 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the type of chocolate. Since the human body is of a higher temperature, you can actually melt chocolate just by touching it. Meanwhile, the sun can be brutal and unforgiven, baking at a blistering 200 degrees. So as you can see, it can easily melt chocolate under the right conditions. In fact, some have fashioned a solar stove, using aluminum foil to bake or broil food that's more durable than chocolate. One chef even used the sun to cook a fancy lobster omelet


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So if you're planning a romantic date and don't feel like messing up a pan to melt chocolate, you could take those chocolate bars outside. However, it's important to note that you don't want to leave your strawberries in the direct sun. Long exposure could suck up some of their moisture and cause them to be a bit dried out. Likewise, you don't want to leave your forks or other utensils in sunlight since metal conducts heat. Avoid burning your fingers, wear sunblock, and bring some strawberries and chocolate for dessert on that impromptu picnic.