This TikTok Chef Used The Sun To Cook A Fancy Lobster Omelet

The sweaty period of time between June and September can be best illustrated by the image of eggs frying on a sidewalk from the sheer heat of the summer sun. It was only a matter of time, then, before one chef applied Gordon Ramsay's obsession with "elevating" foods to this process.

Two days ago, Trendy Chef, a TikToker and maker of self-described "crazy recipes," shared a video of him cooking a lobster omelet in a frying pan that was heated only by direct sunlight on a day that reached 114 degrees Fahrenheit. "Cooking an omelet outside using the heat from the Sun! No Stove, No Oven!" the caption reads. Not only did the eggy creation feature lobster, it also had peppers, sliced avocado for garnish, and even melted cheese on top.

As of writing, the video has not been viewed very much. Only 2,405 people have seen it. Compared to his reaction-styled videos like cleaning chicken with bleach (over 800k views) or pancake bacon (over 14k views), this is nothing.

Frying eggs by other means

The most impressive thing about this culinary "elevation"? It might be the only way to cook an egg using only the sun.

Smithsonian Magazine explains that despite the fact that the story of cooking eggs on pavements has roots to 1899, actually doing it is more difficult. The problem is that the proteins of the yolk condense at 150 degrees Fahrenheit while different parts of the albumen thicken at 142 and 184 degrees.

The reason Trendy Chef could pull it off with the comparatively cool 114 degrees was that he had already broken the egg into the omelet mixture. Even then, you need both the skillet and a lid to cover it. Pavement does not retain heat as well as metal and without some form of cover, the heat will dissipate into the air. If you try to simply crack an egg over asphalt, you will most likely be left with an uncooked eggy mess.