Amp Up Your Trendy Espresso Tonic With A Splash Of Coke

Caffeine lovers are always looking for new ways to switch up their typical coffee routines, because having the same boring latte every day can get old fast. Espresso tonic, a mixture of tonic water and espresso, is one of those ways, and now, even that is getting a viral upgrade. Meet the drink that combines Diet Coke, lemon juice, and espresso.

The Diet Coke, espresso, and lemon drink went viral on TikTok after its creator Joe Hegyes (@bequietjoe) shared a video of their creation set to a Dean Martin song. In the video, Hegyes fills their glass about three-quarters of the way to the top with Diet Coke, adds a shot or two of espresso, and finishes by squeezing a little bit of lemon on top. The Diet Coke creation looks to be the perfect combination of caffeine, carbonation, sweetness, and bite. Hegyes even calls it the "perfect post-dinner beverage." 

Is the Diet Coke, espresso, and lemon truly any good?

Despite Joe Hegyes' positive positioning of the beverage, reviews are mixed. Some users commented, "I'm so excited to try this," and that they're "dreaming about this rn." Others were not so supportive. The top comment reads, "This is a laxative," to which Hegyes cheekily replied, "This page is not for people with stomach issues." The Cleveland Clinic would agree, citing the fact that coffee contains certain acids and caffeine that stimulate your gut and can have a laxative effect. So maybe steer clear of the drink if your stomach is sensitive. 


Replying to perfect post dinner beverage

♬ Volare – Dean Martin

Others online have been trying the drink, as well, and still haven't fully jumped on board. TikTok creator @rosie.piper tried the drink after seeing Hegyes' video. As someone who claims to have a "daily Diet Coke," Rosie says they had to try the beverage but weren't blown away after tasting it. Although the flavors go well together, they say they won't be trading in their Diet Coke for this new version anytime soon.