The Tangy Hot Dog Topping You Should Be Using To Cook Pork Chops

Yellow mustard is an excellent condiment for hot dogs because of its tanginess and vibrant color. And if you're looking for even more depth and texture, you can opt for the fancier Dijon variation. There are many different varieties of mustard, and all of them can also elevate the flavor and tenderness of pork chops. It can also be used as a brine, marinade, sauce, or baste. In fact, smoked pork often uses mustard as a binder so the rub sticks to the meat, so it makes sense that mustard can also be used on pork chops.

Brushing pork chops with mustard prior to grilling and then basting them as they cook is another tasty option. The flavors of the mustard (especially Dijon) combined with the char and smoky flavor produced by the grill makes this recipe a crowd-pleaser. Another beautiful thing about using mustard on pork chops is that it works with any cooking method, including frying. 

Different ways to use mustard on pork chops

Before considering the type of mustard to use and which way to use it, it's important to pick the right pork chops. Bone-in chops tend to be the best choice, because the bone adds more flavor. However, mustard will enhance any kind of pork chop. Once you have the pork chops and your favorite mustard picked out, it's time to decide how you want to use it. A unique way to use mustard is to combine it with milk and use it as a dredge when pan-frying the meat. That's right, mustard can be used as a substitute for eggs — it imparts excellent flavor and a crunchy coating. Simply dredge the pork chops in all-purpose flour and, instead of dipping them in an egg wash, dip them in a "mustard wash."

For super tender pork chops, you can combine the mustard with balsamic vinegar and your preferred seasonings and marinate them for at least 30 minutes. The acidity of the vinegar also tenderizes the pork, and the combination provides just the right amount of tartness to the finished dish. Pork chops can also be pan-seared; deglaze your skillet with mustard, cream, and a splash of Worcestershire to make a sauce. Bake the chops until their internal temperature reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit, then add the sauce and any side dishes you like.