Cakewiches Are The Trendy Way To Make Your Favorite Baked Good Portable

Who says you can't have dessert for lunch? With one particular baking trend, you can have your cake and eat it too, while on the go. Cake sandwiches, or "cakewiches," are reimagining how you enjoy the traditional dessert, encouraging people to put down the fork and use their hands. These viral cakes are surprisingly easy to make – the trend pulls style inspiration from a traditional sandwich by replacing bread with sheet cake and standard sandwich fillings with icing, jams, and toppings like sprinkles and nuts.

Thanks to its size and shape and the fact that the icing's on the inside, people can pick it up and wrap it up more easily than the typical bulkier version. Not only does the cakewich allow for portable enjoyment, but it also creates an evenly distributed bite. That takes the stress away from eager dessert lovers who would otherwise have to decide which lucky few get to enjoy the corner pieces of square or rectangular cakes and leave others to ration their icing-to-cake ratio.

The cakewich has taken over baking TikTok, as excited bakers experiment with different flavors and presentations. From traditional funfetti and chocolate to experimental flavors like maple bacon and cotton candy, the possibilities for the innovative new way of eating cake are seemingly endless.

Making these sandwiches is a piece of cake

If the concept of a cakewich excites you, but your local bakers haven't caught wind of the viral trend just yet, you can experiment with it in your very own kitchen. Creating this sweet idea consists of just a few easy steps: Bake your preferred flavor of sheet cake, then thinly slice the cake in half, adding layers of your favorite jam or buttercream to one side. Stack the other half of the cake on top and you have a tasty and portable creation. You can even add your favorite toppings like cut-up candy bars, sprinkles, or cookie pieces for an even more exciting flavor combination. If slicing your sheet cake sounds particularly intimidating, or if you're hoping to make a party-sized cakewich, you can find bakeware specifically meant to help form your layered creation, like the Williams Sonoma cakewich kit that comes with two sandwich-ready cake pans.

Not only can you transform traditional cake flavors into a sandwich with this viral trend, but you can also turn traditional sandwich recipes into cakes. One savvy baker at Honeycomb Creamery turned the childhood classic peanut butter and jelly into a cakewich, complete with peanut butter ice cream, grape jam, and vanilla cake. Per Wilton, you can even turn your favorite savory meal into a cakewich by stacking pulled pork (or your preferred meat of choice) in between layers of cornbread bound together with a green onion cream cheese spread.