Orange Juice Is The Secret Ingredient That Gives New Life To Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is an iconic summer dish, but one secret ingredient makes it even more fitting for the warmer months. It may sound like a bizarre addition, but mixing orange juice into a pasta salad is the secret to optimizing its flavor. It's easy to see how this ingredient might enhance a sweeter, fruit-based macaroni dish, but orange juice also boosts savory salads by giving the pasta a refreshing taste without overpowering its other components.

This hack was highlighted in a TikTok video where freshly squeezed orange juice was added to an orzo-based pasta salad. The creator mixes this secret ingredient into the dish right after adding a splash of olive oil; they work together to add flavor and ensure the salad isn't too dry. However, while the latter is a fairly common addition to this side, orange juice isn't. If you're still on the fence, commenters confirmed it pairs well, with one writing, "I made this and it was delicious."

Orange juice adds more than a refreshing flavor

There are benefits to drinking orange juice every day, and adding it to pasta salad gives the dish a bit more nutritional value. While a bit of orange juice is unlikely to have a massive impact on health, it does add nutrients that weren't previously present. Anyone eating a lot of this summer favorite may find it worthwhile to mix OJ in, especially if they're using other nutrient-dense ingredients.

Additionally, theĀ biggest mistake most people make with pasta salad is not including enough seasoning. While orange juice won't totally make up for bland macaroni salad, it will give it a unique flavor to set the dish apart. Since most pasta salads aren't tangy, this recipe will likely turn heads at any party. For more flavor, complementary spices like cinnamon or ginger could increase the originality and complexity of your dish, proving there really are no limits when it comes to fun summer recipes like pasta salad.