Why You Should Wait To Stock Up On Halloween Candy

As the end of summer rolls around and the leaves begin to change, stores stock hoards of all the most popular Halloween candies — the peanut butter cups, the chocolate bars, the sour gummies. Understandably, with Halloween candy being sold so early, many consumers feel inclined to stock up months ahead of the spooky holiday.

While it's true that stores may have the best selection early in the season, if you aren't picky about the Halloween candy you buy, you're much better off waiting until prices drop. According to a 2021 Ibotta survey, the best time to buy candy in preparation for Halloween is four days before the goblins begin ringing your doorbell.

If you're looking to save a few more bucks, you should also consider buying bulk packages rather than smaller bags or individual candy bars. It could also be worth comparing prices across several stores, particularly Target and Walmart, to find the best deals.

Be sure to take advantage of post-Halloween candy sales

Not everyone is a fan of trick-or-treating, so if you don't intend to partake in passing out candy, you might as well wait a few days more before buying your favorite Samhain sweets. Starting November 1, many stores drop their candy prices by 50%. As stores become more and more desperate to clear out shelf space for the winter holidays, Halloween prices drop even further –- up to 75% off at some stores.

These clearance sales can also be a great time to stock up for the following year, depending on the type of candy. Dark chocolate, for instance, is shelf stable for up to two years, so it's okay to buy months in advance. Other candies, like jelly beans, peanut butter cups, and candy bars, can be stored in the freezer for up to a year and still maintain good quality. Although you may have limited options, buying Halloween candy on clearance is a budget-friendly way to go if you can't make it to the stores for the sales four days before Halloween.