How To Easily Unstick Eggs From A Pan Without A Spatula

It's called "the incredible edible egg" for a reason. Eggs are as delicious as they are nutritious, which is very good. So, why aren't you making them more? We know, we know –– it's because of all the dishes. Sometimes, it feels like frying up an egg will produce too many dirty dishes for such a simple meal. In reality, though, making a fried egg can be a lot less messy, and a lot easier, with the help of just one simple trick. 

There's one big mistake that pretty much everyone makes when frying eggs, and remedying it will prevent your egg from sticking to the pan, not to mention keeping your spatula a bit cleaner. Plus, you'll end up with an even more delicious egg when you're finished cooking. You're probably thinking that this trick will involve slathering on more butter or spraying some extra Pam in the pan. In reality, though, all you have to do to elevate your egg game is add a little extra motion to your frying routine. 

One movement can keep your egg from sticking to the pan.

If you've found yourself on an endless search for hacks that will give you the best fried eggs of your life, then you're going to want to see this video courtesy of @shiftpixylabs on TikTok. In the video, the chef shows just how simple it is to prevent your fried egg from sticking to the pan, and we can't believe we didn't learn about this until now. 

When the egg starts sticking, simply hold the handle of the pan and hit the end of the handle with your other hand. This jostles the pan just enough to loosen up the egg and prevent it from sticking without needing to messily pry it off the bottom with your spatula, like we've all done many times before.


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Not only does this simple trick make for a better egg, but without sticking, you won't need to get your spatula too messy. Plus, the pan will stay much cleaner without any extra stuck on residue. Who knew that just one simple motion could make whipping up a fried egg so much easier?