How A Cookie Cutter Can Help You Create Instagram-Worthy Cocktails

Who among us doesn't want to improve our cocktail –– or mocktail –– game just a little bit? While many of us might consider whipping up some egg whites to add to a drink or using trial and error to create a brand new cocktail recipe of our own, the secret ingredient to an entirely elevated cocktail is simpler than you may think, and believe it or not, you've probably already got it in your kitchen. 

While this isn't the go-to way to improve our mixology skills for most of us, cocktail garnishes are for more than just looks; they can take our favorite drinks from drab to delightful and delicious in seconds. Garnishing a drink with a piece of fruit can add a bit of flavor and aroma to your beverage, which can entirely alter and deepen the taste we're getting when we take a sip. Many folks in the mixology world agree that inedible cocktail garnishes need to be kicked off the menu. Still, we all know that one of the best parts of a garnish is how much fancier it makes a drink look. Luckily, the edible garnish is booming and becoming more complex, and the key to making your drink taste and look better requires nothing but a piece of fruit and your favorite cookie cutter.

Revamp your cocktails with a picture perfect garnish

Get ready to get creative with your garnishes. A simple cookie cutter in your favorite shape is all that's standing between the drink you love to make and a piece of drinkable art. Choose a fruit that complements the flavors in your cocktail. Strawberries and pineapple are classic options that mesh well with lots of flavors. Melons and apples are also great fruits for molding into a whimsical shape. Simply use a small cookie cutter to shape your fruit and attach it to the side of your glass. You can also use skewers to stick a few pieces of fruit together and combine different shapes.

When it comes to using cookie cutters to shape your garnish, creativity is just as important as execution, and luckily, the execution is basically just one simple step. Consider the aesthetic you want to capture with your cocktail, and choose the shapes that complement your drink just, as you select which fruits work best with your flavor profile. Get ready to enter a whole new world of compelling cocktails.