KFC's Double Down Dog Was A Menu Misfire

Nobody's perfect, and that certainly includes fast food chains, which are often shaking up their menu with new items. Some offerings are hits, becoming customer favorites that earn a permanent spot, while others quickly disappear, leaving not much more than online mockery behind. Unfortunately for Kentucky Fried Chicken, the Double Down Dog was among the second group.

The unusual creation was a spin-off of the chain's traditional Double Down, a "bun-less sandwich" that swaps out the bread for two pieces of fried white meat chicken, with cheese, bacon, and sauce layered between them. This one-of-a-kind sandwich attracted a ton of attention when it debuted in 2010, leading the chain to try out a hot dog version overseas in 2015. The Double Down Dog launched in the Philippines, swapping out the two pieces of chicken for a single U-shaped piece similar in shape to a bun, onto which a chicken-based hot dog was nestled. It's estimated at just over 950 calories,  similar to the original version.

Double Down disaster

While relatively few people got to try it, thanks to its overseas-only status, that didn't stop internet commenters from tearing into the Double Down Dog based on photos alone. On Reddit, one emphatic user reacted with "NO ONE NEEDS HOTDOG INSIDE FRIED CHICKEN," while another joked that "one bite and you die of a heart attack." Actual taste testers in the Phillippines didn't have much better things to say, noting the chicken didn't hold its shape and calling the flavor and texture "extremely salty and oily," "greasy," and "mealy."

The temporary nature of the Double Down Dog was likely deliberate, even if the reaction may not have been what KFC planned. The original Double Down was a limited-time promotion itself. However, it's been brought back several times since, with the distinctive sandwich earning a spot as one of the most talked-about limited edition fast food menu items. As for the hot dog version? It's hard to predict menu changes, but fast foodies may not catch it at U.S. restaurants anytime soon. We'll just have to settle for the usual KFC menu items until they shake things up again.