Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights Menu Looks Scary Good

Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights are officially kicking off on the first of September and terrifying guests until November 4. The annual event will feature 10 haunted houses, including "Chucky: Unlimited Kill Count," "The Exorcist: Believer," and "Universal Monsters: Unmasked," along with five scare zones. Beyond the spooky decorations and fearful attractions, the menu is sure to delight foodies looking to fuel up between the screams.

Aside from being tasty, foods served at Halloween Horror Nights are designed to fit the theme, with certain snacks tailored to each haunted house. To celebrate "Yeti: Campground Kills," the park will be serving up a Bloody Snowball, which is a chocolate cake with marshmallow buttercream frosting and coconut topping. Accompanying the video-game-turned-TV series "The Last of Us," The Left Behind Ravioli includes marinara sauce, truffle emulsion, and fried enoki mushrooms, as a nod to the fungus-caused pandemic that created all the problems on the show.

Furthermore, "Universal Monsters: Unmasked" will bring a Mummy Oreo Cheesecake Pop that mimics a monster itself, and the "Vamp '69: A Summer of Blood" scare zone will bring the vampire vibe to life with a peanut "blooder" smash burger. The burger is decorated with shaved onions, jalapeño bacon, cherry peppers, cheddar cheese, raspberry jelly, and peanut sauce, all squished between a "vampire bun."

Non-themed foods and special restaurants make their return

Along with haunt-specific foods, Universal Orlando will be serving several other eats that hammer home the horror. Some other options include the Rotting Pumpkin — a buttercream and pumpkin spice crème brûlée, and a Trick or Treat Bucket made up of several fan-favorite candies. If you're vegan, you'll be able to enjoy a walking taco with vegan mozzarella, chorizo, corn salsa, shredded lettuce, cilantro, pico de gallo, and Fritos chips. Research and development executive sous chef Christopher Colon explained to People why he enjoys curating these blood-thirsty bites. "Halloween Horror Nights is one of those things where we can have fun while creating great-tasting food at the same time," he said.

Universal Orlando plans to open several Halloween-themed restaurants to excite horror fans. Returning this year is the Dead Coconut Club, which is usually dubbed the Red Coconut Club year-round. In addition, the all-new Peacock's Halloween Horror Bar will debut with drinks and a dance floor. Finally, a discussion of Halloween Horror Nights wouldn't be complete without fond memories of some fan favorites from years past. Who can forget the Fried Zombie Brains, which are comprised of cauliflower florets, or the Burning Skull cocktail, complete with a souvenir cup? If you're an annual visitor, Twisted Tater Blood N' Guts, S'mores Fries, and Pizza Fries will likely ring a bell.