You Can Only Get Whataburger's Secret Menu Hulk Drink At Some Locations

Although Whataburger fans love its highly customizable burgers, some customers take things to a whole new level by customizing their drinks. And by customizing, we mean making secret menu drinks out of what's already available. For instance, many Whataburger customers enjoy mixing up their own Hulk soda, named for its vibrant green color and sugary punch.

In its truest form, the Hulk soda is one part Powerade Mountain Berry Blast and three parts Vault soda. For those unfamiliar with Vault, it is similar to Mountain Dew, Mello Yello, and Surge — essentially lemon-lime soda with a strong caffeine kick. That being said, Vault soda has long since disappeared, and Powerade isn't offered at every Whataburger, meaning any customer who craves a Hulk soda has to get creative. Fortunately, due to the many Vault-esque drinks still on the market, it's not too hard to mix something similar to the original Hulk soda.

How to improvise Whataburger's Hulk soda

Although the two ingredients needed to make a Hulk soda are no longer readily available to Whataburger customers, there are options for improvising the neon green concoction. If you can get your hands on Powerad, ideally the Mountain Berry Blast flavor (though you can experiment with other Powerade flavors if you so choose), you only need to find a substitute for Vault. Surge, another Coca-Cola product, is the closest match in terms of flavor and color. However, this particular drink can be tricky to find, so if you're willing to diverge from the second-best Hulk soda combo, we recommend using the more accessible Mountain Dew or Mello Yello.

Whichever soda you end up using, it should mix with your blue Powerade to create an intensely green drink packed with sugar and caffeine. In other words, this secret menu drink might get you so energized that you start smashing buildings. Maybe that's the real reason the drink was named for the Hulk!