A Blender Bottle Is The Perfect Vessel For Transporting Raw Eggs

Just because you are on a camping trip doesn't mean you don't enjoy the comfort of a home-cooked breakfast. However, you're unlikely to find chickens (unless you're in Southeast Asia), much less eggs in the wild. So that means you will have to bring eggs with you if you want that omelet. Foam and paper egg cartons you buy at the store are notoriously flimsy. That's why most people check their eggs at the store. So, in the name of convenience, you should consider transporting your eggs in a blender bottle.

While the idea may seem strange at first glance, the more you think about it, the more you start to realize that it is secretly genius. Blender bottles have a spill-proof cap that will prevent any backseat disasters. Likewise, the hard plastic shell will eliminate any potential messes if you hit a bump in the road. After all, who wants to spend the afternoon cleaning egg yolk out of their upholstery at a campsite? 

It's also very convenient to store. You can throw the blender bottle in your ice chest to keep the eggs cold enough for transport. It will keep the water from the ice from touching your eggs as well, avoiding any risks of contamination, as per USDA.

Eggs on the go

Preparing for your camping trip is simple and mess-free. You can buy a blender bottle on Amazon for as little as about $11. From there, simply remove the lid of the blender bottle and crack your carton of eggs into the bottle. You might want to consider size when purchasing your bottle. A carton of large eggs typically weighs about 24 ounces (prior to cracking), and its yolk and egg whites measure 3.25 tablespoons. It's something to keep in mind. You may need two blender bottles if you have a particularly large family. Just keep in mind not to overfill the bottle to avoid any messes.


Add salt and pepper to the bottle for extra convenience! Just kidding, DONT DO THAT. Salt changes the chemical composition of the eggs and makes them a watery mess. 🤮 #campcooking #scrambledeggs #campinghacks #camptok #getwanderlost @Wander Lost

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From there, you can take the blender bottle straight to your griddle. Give the eggs a good shake to mix up the yolks and whites. Since the bottle has an opening, you can just pour straight onto your griddle for a mess-free experience. It's important to note that this transportation method works best if you're making scrambled eggs or an omelet. Unfortunately, since the egg yolks and whites intermix, it may not make for the best fried egg. Likewise, consider poached eggs out of the question. That being said, it can be a convenient hack for those on the go.