Get Ready For Back-To-School Season With These September Aldi Finds

It's that time of year again, and families across the nation are preparing for their little ones' return to school. Summer may be but a recent memory, but these Aldi finds will have you celebrating the back-to-school season this September. While August had us anticipating autumn, Aldi has a new crop of items that will help families make every dollar count. 

While you may need to look elsewhere for school supplies for your children, Aldi has several deals that will help make packing that school lunch a breeze. As one should expect, food is the star of the show. With plenty of new snack options, there should be something for even the pickiest of eaters. However, some Aldi finds should also help you organize your child's stuff better, especially if they have an arts and crafts project coming up for the semester. 

With that in mind, take some of the frustration out of planning for the hectic back-to-school season. Let's take a look at the best deals for you. 

Clancy's Cinnamon Apple Straws

While an apple a day doesn't necessarily keep the doctor away, the fruit is packed with nutrition. Available beginning September 27, Clancy's Cinnamon Apple straws offer a snacking alternative to potato chips. Costing just $2.69, this product claims to have 30% less fat than its competition. Throw some in a sandwich bag for a convenient lunchbox side. 

Moser Ruth Autumn Truffles

Who says that snacks are just for children? Treat yourself this back-to-school season with something decadent and chocolaty. Get a mouthful of fall in every bite of these Moser Roth Limited Autumn Edition truffles, available in a variety pack that includes pumpkin spice, almond maple, caramel apple, and fall berry. They're available starting on September 6 for $3.69.

Huntington Home Craft Organizers

Children do a lot of craft projects, especially in the lower grades. It can be a bit of a hassle keeping up with all of their supplies, and the last thing you want is to turn your living room into a glitter factory. Available in medium and small, these Huntington Home Craft Organizers will make keeping track of all those stray markers and rubber bands easier than ever. This product hits Aldi shelves on September 13 for $14.99. 

Specially Selected Cheese Crisps

It's a well-known fact that children love cheese. Get them a snack that's a little refined and has plenty of that asiago and cheddar goodness that they crave. Perfect for a snack on the go, these Specialty Select Cheese Crisps are also available in Melting Romano and sell for $3.49, beginning September 8. 

Sundae Shoppe Ice Cream Bars

Pumpkin and apple are two flavors that perfectly reflect the fall season. Since children under 12 shouldn't drink coffee, trade out those pumpkin spice lattes for a different sweet treat. Sundae Shoppe Ice Cream Bars come in pumpkin latte and apple pie varieties. At $3.79, they're a sweet treat the entire family can get behind. They're available September 27.

Huntington Home Pegboard

This Huntington Home Pegboard is another simple way to keep your house organized during the busy school year. With a basket and small shelves for your children's school supplies, it should help keep things nice and tidy. And, with the pegs, you can rearrange the board to suit your needs. The board is available on September 20 for $14.99. 

Season's Choice Crispy Potato Circles

As parents try to get their children out the door, school mornings are busy and frantic, so the rush to prepare breakfast can be a challenge. Season's Choice Crispy Potato Circles, available September 13 for $2.79, are a convenient option, especially if cooked in an air fryer. Combine with microwaved scrambled eggs for a quick meal. 

Simply Nature Pumpkin Applesauce Cups

For many parents, apple sauce is a quick and mess-free snack for their children's lunch. Packed with other items, apple sauce is sweet without being overly sugary and can be taken on the go. Available on September 6 for $1.95, Simply Nature Pumpkin Applesauce Cups put an autumn spin on the dessert standby by adding pumpkin flavoring to the mix. 

Huntington Home Rope Basket

Available in both rainbow and planet motifs, Huntington Home Rope Baskets have a variety of uses. Use the basket to help separate your children's laundry, to store their arts and crafts, or even as a makeshift toy box. It's really up to you. The basket is available on September 20 for $7.99. 

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Mini Pepperoni Pizza Cones

Combine Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Mini Pepperoni Pizza Cones with the apple sauce and cheese crisps above for lunch. Aldi's mini pepperoni cones are bite-sized and relatively mess-free. They're like mini calzones, packing pepperoni pizza flavor into each bite. They're available for $5.49, beginning September 6. 

Huntington Home Children's Blanket Tail

Stimulate your child's imagination with this bold and colorful Huntington Home Children's Blanket Taill. This product is designed to keep kids warm and also appeals to a child's creativity. Available in shark and mermaid styles, this product is perfect for children fascinated by undersea life. You can pick it up for $9.99 beginning on September 20.