You Shouldn't Wait A Whole Year Between Cleaning Your Deep Fryer

One of the downsides of cooking appliances is cleaning them. It's not fun, but it is essential for several reasons. Care and maintenance are especially important when that appliance is a deep fryer. If you neglect cleaning your deep fryer, your food will not taste as good, and you increase the risk of contamination. Regular cleaning means the appliance works more efficiently, saving money and increasing the deep fryer's life span. Most importantly, according to statistics from the National Fire Prevention Association, one in five restaurant fires are caused by deep fryers, and 22% of those fires started due to improper cleaning routines.

If you own a deep fryer, you must keep it clean. The frequency of deep cleaning depends on how often you use your fryer and what you use it for. For example, you should filter the oil after just two or three uses when cooking breaded fish. However, with non-breaded items like french fries, you may be able to use your fryer six to eight times before filtering. A deep cleaning should be completed as directed by your owner's manual. That could be as often as every week or two, or you might be able to get by with once every two to three months. Most manuals provide guidelines such as "clean after every 12 uses." It is essential to follow those recommendations.

Important tips to remember when cleaning a deep fryer

Now that you understand why it is important to keep your deep fryer clean and know how often you need to perform this task, you need a cleaning strategy. The best approach to cleaning is to follow the manufacturer's instructions. However, if you are looking for general tips, the most important step is to unplug and let your deep fryer fully cool. It can take several hours before the oil in the fryer is cool enough, so be patient.

You will need to remove and evaluate the oil. If it is dark, cloudy, or it smells, discard it. If it has bits of food but is still relatively clean, you can save the oil, strain it, and reuse it after cleaning. Only after the oil has been removed can you begin scrubbing the inside of the appliance with cleaning suppliesĀ recommended by the manufacturer. Remember, while some parts can be removed and washed in the sink, the base (the part with the plug) should never be submerged or put in a dishwasher.

Also, water can be extremely dangerous around a deep fryer. Make sure the appliance is thoroughly dry after cleaning, and never add water while the unit is hot. The water will instantly vaporize, causing oil to splatter, which can cause burns or start a fire.