The Best Deep Fryers Of 2022

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Whether it's french fries, chicken, fish, or doughnuts, there are very few foods that hit the spot like deep-fried dishes. Luckily, you no longer need to go to a restaurant to indulge in high-quality fried treats — provided that you have the right tools. Home deep fryers are a game changer that blows saucepans and deep skillets out of the water when it comes to preparing home-cooked crunchy dishes.

Compact and convenient, most deep fryers let you select your desired oil temperature and maintain it throughout the cooking process. This eliminates the need to fuss with your stove's knobs to maintain the oil temperature and ensures your food cooks at the desired rate. Some deep fryers also come with additional features such as easy oil removal systems, lids with viewing windows, and LCD screens. Best of all, they are easy to use. Simply fill them with oil, wait until it reaches the preset temperature, place your food in the wire basket, and lower it into the machine. Once done, lift the basket and drain the food of any excess oil.

Ready to fry like a pro? Here's our list of the best deep fryers of 2022.

How we selected products

Since not all deep fryers are created equal, we took the time to delve into the pros and cons of various models to bring you a list of the best deep fryers of 2022. In our quest, we took into consideration the features of each machine, as well as expert and community reviews.

Before investing in a deep fryer, it's important to take into account a number of factors. The first thing to look out for is the deep fryer's size and capacity. After all, you probably won't be needing a huge four-gallon outdoor deep fryer if you're flying solo and don't plan to entertain guests. In addition, some deep fryers feature temperature controls while others only come with an on and off setting. When selecting a deep fryer, you should also take into account safety features such as magnetic break-away power cords, automatic shut-off functions, and lids with a viewing window.

We also looked at whether each fryer on this list offered good value for the money. All the prices quoted are accurate as of this article's publishing date.

Best overall deep fryer

Reasonably priced at around $100, the Cuisinart CDF200 Deep Fryer is a great addition to medium and small-sized kitchens. The 4-quart fryer features a powerful 1,800-watt heating system and a 2.3-pound capacity fry basket. Plus, it comes with a one-gallon stainless steel mesh basket with a heat-resistant handle. Simply set the fryer at the desired temperature and wait for the green light to let you know when the device is ready for action. The unit features a removable stainless steel frying oil pot with a pouring spout for easy cleanup. Plus, the frying basket, oil pot, and lid are all dishwasher-safe. The Cuisinart CDF200 Deep Fryer comes with a three-year warranty (via At Least We Fried).

The Cuisinart CDF200 has an average Amazon rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars across more than 7,500 reviews. One impressed Amazon customer says, "It cooks well, it cleans easily (most of it goes in the dishwasher) [...] There aren't as many bells and whistles as the other options (oil filters, storage totes, etc) but don't forget, THIS ONE WORKS." Another Amazon reviewer also praised the unit, saying, "It heats up quick and cooks everything from chicken to fries to a golden brown. It has one basket perfect for a serving of fries for four people. I've also cooked chicken and it came out golden, crispy, and moist."

Purchase the Cuisinart CDF200 Deep Fryer from Amazon starting at $99.95.

Best budget deep fryer

Easy to use and affordable, the Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer has none of the bells and whistles of many of today's modern deep fryers. For some cooks, this is a good thing. With only one temperature setting, the Presto FryDaddy takes the guesswork out of frying. In terms of oil usage, the Presto FryDaddy can accommodate four cups of frying oil to make four big food servings.

Unlike most other deep fryers, the Presto FryDaddy comes with a slotted spoon designed to scoop out food and drain it of oil instead of a fryer basket. It also features non-stick surfaces for easy cleaning. And once you're done frying, the fryer comes with a handy snap-on lid so you can store oil right there in the fryer. The Presto FryDaddy comes with a two-year limited warranty (via Amazon).

The Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer has received rave reviews, reaching the ranking of 9.8 out of 10 on Best Views Reviews and 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Travis from At Least We Fried has ranked the appliance as the number one small fryer, saying that it "marries value and performance with economical pricing and a compact size."

Purchase the Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer from Amazon starting at $38.88.

Best large deep fryer

With an extra-large capacity of 2.6 gallons, the Masterbuilt MB20012420 Electric Fryer can accommodate up to 18 pounds of food. Ideal for large families or gatherings, the unit can be used not only to fry but also to steam or boil. The fryer comes with a cooking basket and drain clips that let you rest your food above the oil. Plus, the unit's removable hinged lid and drain valve mean easy clean-up. The pot, basked, lid, and drain valve are all dishwasher safe.

The Masterbuilt MB20012420 Electric Fryer has received favorable reviews, scoring 8.1 out of 10 on Best Views Reviews and 8.8 out of 10 on OveReview. The unit also scored an Amazon rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. One Amazon reviewer commented on the fryer's size, saying, "Holy Cow!!!! Let me first start by saying this thing is HUGE! ... I clearly didn't look at the dimensions ... However, after the initial shock of my late-night purchase wore off, I thought this would be great for whole chicken and turkey ... Overall, I love my insanely big fryer. The chicken was done to perfection and super juicy. The product is super easy to clean. I appreciate the oil drain also, it made it easy to discard oil."

Purchase the Masterbuilt MB20012420 Electric Fryer from Amazon starting at $79.99.

Best deep fryer for a splurge

The Cuisinart CDF-500 Rotisserie Deep Fryer isn't cheap. Nevertheless, it's a great choice for those who take their frying seriously. Large enough to cook for the entire clan, the Cuisinart CDF-500 can hold up to 1.3 gallons. It also comes with an 1800-watt immersion-style heating system for speedy heating. Best of all, aside from traditional frying, you can forego the oil to steam dumplings or your favorite veggies, or use the unit's rotisserie function to prepare mouth-watering 14-pound turkeys in just an hour.

The Cuisinart CDF-500 Rotisserie Deep Fryer features brushed stainless steel housing and a stainless steel vented lid. It also comes with a mesh basket with a handle that remains cool throughout the cooking process. The adjustable temperature control and 120-minute timer, as well as a ready indicator light, make cooking with the unit a breeze. And the integrated drainage system makes discarding oil ultra-easy. The Cuisinart CDF-500 Rotisserie Deep Fryer comes with a three-year limited warranty so you can rest assured that you're investing in a quality product.

So what's the verdict? Meryl Cubley who reviewed the Cuisinart CDF-500 for Top Ten Reviews has called the unit an "all-round multi-tasking marvel," saying that while it may not be the best choice for beginners, the gadget is perfect for seasoned cooks who will make use of its functions.

Purchase the Cuisinart CDF-500 Rotisserie Deep Fryer from Best Buy starting at $299.99.

Best deep fryer for easy clean-up

Just as its name suggests, the De'Longhi Livenza Easy Clean Deep Fryer is a breeze to clean. The one-gallon deep fryer features an EasyClean System that lets you drain leftover oil and comes with dishwasher-safe parts for a hassle-free end to your deep-fried feast. In addition, the 1800-watt stainless steel unit features a unique cool zone located under the heating element that prevents scorching and minimizes odor. Some other of De'Longhi Livenza's features include a lid with a viewing window and basked with a cool-touch handle.

The De'Longhi Livenza has met with a positive reception from both professional appliance testers and home chefs. Cynthia Lawrence from Top Ten Reviews has called the appliance sturdy and powerful, commenting, "Perhaps the more notable feature is the Easy Clean oil drainage system tap that does a great job at filtering leftover oil to recycle. This also means no more messy oil splashes and cleaning hassle. Generally, the fryer is user-friendly, designed well, and much easier to maintain than other brands." One Amazon reviewer agrees, saying, "The cleaning spout was the best feature. You can easily empty the machine with no risk of dumping messy oil over your counter."

Purchase the De'Longhi Livenza Easy Clean Deep Fryer from Amazon starting at $179.95.

Best deep fryer with multiple baskets

With a 4.7-quart oil capacity, the Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer can be used to cook up to 12 cups of food at a time. It also comes with three chrome-plated frying baskets with hooks for easy oil draining. You can either use one large basket to prepare a large batch of food or two small baskets to prepare two different fried dishes simultaneously.

The Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer features an 1800-watt immersed heating element to ensure uniform cooking. There's also a vented lid to minimize splatter with a view window that lets you monitor your culinary creation. The enamel-coated oil tank, lid, and baskets are all dishwasher safe. Plus, the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer comes with a breakaway cord to ensure safety.

So how does the Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer measure up? The unit has received 4.5 out of 5 stars from Amazon reviewers, indicating that it's a quality product. One satisfied Amazon customer loves the versatility of having three frying baskets, saying, "I love that I can cook more than one thing at the same time. My son and I love fish and fries/onion rings or even hush puppies. And now I can get both items cooked together at the same time so no more one being cold by the time the other gets done."

Purchase the Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer from Amazon starting at $71.99.

Best deep fryer for ease of use

If you fancy yourself a bit of a chef but enjoy the ease of pre-set functions on your kitchen gadgets, the Breville BDF500XL Smart Fryer might just be what you've been looking for. The unit features seven one-touch settings for dishes such as calamari, fries, and wings. The Breville BDF500XL Smart Fryer is also the first deep fryer on the market with a setting for twice-cooked french fries. You can also select between fresh and frozen ingredient settings.

Made from brushed stainless steel, the Breville BDF500XL Smart Fryer features an 1800-watt heating system and an easy-to-read LCD control panel with time and temperature settings. The four-quart unit also comes with a dishwasher-safe lid and a vessel to catch any oil splatter. The automatic shut-off function turns the gadget off once it reaches the desired temperature.

According to Angie Parkinson from Top Ten Reviews, the Breville BDF500XL Smart Fryer is one of the best deep fryers they have ever tested, however, it does come with some downsides. The main one is its relatively small size — the gadget can only fry 2.3 pounds of food at a time. "Of all the deep fryers we tested, this one registered the lowest external temperature — only 90 degrees Fahrenheit. That's thanks to its immersion-style heating element, which is an excellent safety feature," Angie writes.

Purchase the Breville BDF500XL Smart Fryer from the brand's website starting at $149.95.

Best deep fryer for the outdoors

At over $500, the Bayou Classic 700-701 Fryer isn't for everybody. However, if you like to cook large batches of food in the great outdoors, it may just be what you've been looking for. The four-gallon unit is designed to heat from the inside through a horizontally-mounted jet rather than from the bottom to ensure even cooking. The Bayou Classic 700-701 Fryer comes with two wire mesh baskets with cool-touch handles.

In terms of design, the Bayou Classic 700-701 Fryer's features include a drain valve for easy cleaning, a hook mount for a propane tank, a fry thermometer, and a high-pressure regulator with a 48-inch stainless-steel braided hose.

According to Liz Klassen from Love Deep Fried Turkey, the Bayou Classic 700-701 Fryer is well-built and may just last you a lifetime. "Although it's quite loud, it comes up to temperature really quickly and stays hot, even if you put in a good amount of food [...] It's ideal because doing this kind of thing inside can really stink up your house," Liz writes.

Purchase the Bayou Classic 700-701 Fryer from Amazon starting at $399.99.

Best double deep fryer

Bridging the line between domestic and commercial frying, the Vivohome 5000W 20.7 Qt Electric Deep Fryer features two large 10.3-quart basins, each equipped with a 2500-watt heating element. It also comes with two 6.3-quart wire baskets with cool-touch handles, as well as anti-slip feet to minimize sliding on the countertop. Plus, the unit's convenient covers prevent any accidental oil splashes. To guard against overheating, the fryer features an automatic shut-off function that kicks in when the oil temperature reaches 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Vivohome 5000W 20.7 Qt Electric Deep Fryer has received positive ratings. The gadget has received 8.6 out of 10 stars from OveReview and 7.6 out of 10 from Best Views Reviews. Meanwhile, on Amazon, it has 4.3 out of 5 stars across more than 1,100 reviews, with most customers praising the unit for getting hot fast and holding temperature throughout the cooking process. However, since the unit draws 5000 watts of power in total, some customers struggled with it overloading the electric circuits in their homes.

Purchase the Vivohome 5000W 20.7 Qt Electric Deep Fryer from Amazon starting at $189.99.

Best designed deep fryer

If you're looking to impress your dinner guests, the De'Longhi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer has you covered. However, this stylish appliance is about much more than aesthetics. What makes the De'Longhi D28313UXBK stand out from the pack is its tilted rotating basket that requires half the amount of oil normally used for deep frying. As it cooks, the food continuously cycles in and out of a shallow pool of oil, rather than staying submerged the whole time. Simply set the included timer and let the device alert you once your culinary creation is ready. Alternatively, you can check the progress of your food by looking through the lid window or opening the fryer with the cool-touch handle (via Amazon).

So how does the De'Longhi D28313UXBK rate with home chefs? One Amazon reviewer complimented the gadget, saying, "The Roto fryer uses much less oil than any other fryer of the same capacity, so it is easy to move with oil in it. It reaches temperatures quickly and also returns to temperatures after addition of cold food. I guess that's because there is less oil to heat. You can store the oil in the fryer." Another satisfied De'Longhi customer said, "This machine is amazing! Easy, spill-proof clean-up! Saves time and gets hot in minutes. I really like that the outside of the machine doesn't get hot."

Purchase the De'Longhi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer from Amazon starting at $99.99.