Martha Stewart's Latest Cocktail Controversially Uses Iceberg Chunks

Martha Stewart's recent Instagram posts are a failure of glacial proportions. It turns out that Stewart is on a Nordic cruise right now, visiting Iceland and Greenland and posting pictures of the wonders along the way. The trip also entails visits with old (and often, famous) friends and notes about what she's eating and drinking. 

Last night's post featured several photos of the trendy vacation spot's natural beauty. However, followers weren't quite ready for Stewart's cocktail reveal. Stewart and the other people on the boat "captured a small iceberg" (her words) to add to their cocktails. Martha's Instagram pics include images of the fjords and chunks of the iceberg on a bar cart. A smiling Martha happily holds her glass, complete with mini iceberg shards. 

As wildfires in Maui continue to make the news, and global warming presents a major concern to people across the world, Martha's celebrating the use of an iceberg for something as trivial as dinner drinks seems (in the words of one commenter) remarkably "tone deaf." 

Stewart's post getting the cold shoulder

The concerns are real since cruises, in general, are known to be bad for the environment, and the polar ice caps and glaciers have long been a flashpoint because of their disproportionate impact on climate change. Maybe the iceberg was something else, but Martha's suggestion seems like pretty poor role modeling, especially for someone with a platform as massive as the former model's. 

Stewart must really be on vacation, too, because her IG post demonstrates a lack of form and vetting that's unusual for someone known for her attention to detail. Leaving the environment aside, some of the other issues with using a baby iceberg didn't occur to her, namely, the many unpleasant things that might be in a chunk of ice fished from the ocean, especially as contaminants from around the world make their way north regularly.

Another uncharacteristic mistake may have inadvertently drawn people's attention to the iceberg: Stewart did not include any details about the cocktail. We get a good look at the ice and the landscape, but the cocktail glass in Martha's hands gets no description and cannot be identified, though the color looks milky. The pictures of her traveling companions show them enjoying what looks like champagne or sparkling wine — something very different and would not require iceberg cubes. We hope that Stewart is just getting her sea legs. Maybe she'll soon be back to her old self and showing a little more compassion in her posts.