What To Know About The Monster Cereal Character Carmella Creeper

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Beloved cereal box mascots have entertained folks since 1902 when Sunny Jim was called upon to promote Force Wheat Flakes. Now, just in time for Halloween, a new character has joined the Monster Cereals crew over the summer (per a press release sent to Daily Meal). The brand's first female character, Carmella Creeper, follows in the footsteps of Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry, representing her own caramel apple-flavored cereal. According to a statement from General Mills, she's always been a part of the family, albeit distant. "Carmella Creeper is the long-lost cousin of Franken Berry as well as a zombie DJ with an edgy sound, who is always the life of the party," the company states.

Creeper's love for music comes in handy at the team's haunted mansion. To entertain the others, she's known for throwing parties and showing off her DJ skills. Though the green zombie is young, she's said to be reliable, and according to General Mills, she has "a fierce attitude and looks to match." It's safe to say Creeper is pretty cool, but does her cereal live up to her character?

The cereal itself has a subtle flavor

Cereal blogs and consumers tested out Carmella Creeper when it dropped in July. On Instagram, @snackolator said the cereal tasted like "caramel apple." It's a bit subtle on the flavor, but I like that because, as you eat more and more handfuls, it really is the right amount of flavor," they wrote. The Impulse Buy felt similar about the flavor's strength. "[When consumed with milk], the sweet and fruity flavors were less noticeable."

A relatively new cereal, it only has five reviews on Amazon. As of this writing, it has four five-star reviews and one two-star review, which states the cereal tastes like its designer "had never had caramels or apple." Another enjoyed it, comparing it to Apple Jacks.

Carmella Creeper and her cereal also appear in The Monster Mash, which was released at the same time. Its box is designed with every monster past and present, including Carmella Creeper, Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry, Fruity Yummy Mummy, and Fruit Brute.

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