Aldi's Pork Egg Rolls Freeze Well (If You Can Stop Yourself From Eating Them All)

Aldi has become the go-to spot to buy groceries on a budget, and the store offers various frozen, fresh, and premade snacks. Its ready-to-serve pork eggrolls, sold under the private label Park Street Deli, are a particular favorite. Aldi's pork and chicken egg rolls turned heads when they first hit the special buys section in 2021. The Park Street Deli product saves shoppers time and money on a fast-food favorite. One package contains five egg rolls in total, which are typically kept in the refrigerator and heated before serving. That can be a lot for a single person to get through. Fortunately, it seems Aldi's pork egg rolls freeze well.

In a Reddit thread, an Aldi customer questioned whether freezing the Park Street Deli egg rolls would work well. Storing ready-to-serve items in the freezer can prolong their shelf lives. However, some products fare better in this environment than others. Fortunately, responses to the original query suggest that Aldi's egg rolls maintain their quality in the freezer. "Yes, I freeze the ones I don't cook, and they taste the same," one commenter wrote. Another added, "Yes! I covered the package with press and seal and froze them."

Ensuring the egg rolls are in a sealed container or properly wrapped is one way of keeping them to their usual standard. Of course, how they're removed from the freezer is just as important.

How to make Aldi's pork egg rolls after freezing them

Aldi's pork egg rolls may freeze well, but their quality afterward likely depends on how they're thawed and cooked. The crispy texture of an egg roll is part of its appeal, and frozen foods sometimes get soggy after reheating. A soft and mushy exterior would ruin the quality of Aldi's egg rolls. Thankfully, there's an easy fix.

In the thread about freezing this product, several commenters recommended using an air fryer to reheat it. Doing so will likely make up for any condensation, returning the egg rolls to their former crunch and glory. One commenter wrote, "I air fry them from frozen for about 15 minutes on 360F, and they always turn out great!" Others saw good results with a toaster oven, offering an alternative for those without an air fryer.

Aldi also carries some of the best frozen egg rolls sold under the Fusia Asian Inspirations brand. If freezing and reheating the company's ready-to-serve egg rolls sounds like a lot of work, buying those is another solid option.